Sessions at The Priester National Extension Health Conference about Affordable Health Care Act

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Thursday 12th April 2012

  • Invited Session: Health Extension- Cooperative Extension and Medical Extension, Creating a Win-Win Collaboration

    Josh Freeman, MD
    University of Kansas School of Medicine.

    Art Kaufman, M.D.
    School of Medicine, University of New Mexico

    Sonja Koukel, Ph.D.
    New Mexico State University

    Deborah Murray, Ed.D.
    University of Kentucky

    Carolina Nkouaga, MA
    School of Medicine University of New Mexico

    Roger Rennekamp, Ph.D.
    Oregon State University

    This presentation will increase knowledge of the Affordable Care Act and its policies

    The Affordable Care Act and its policies created the Primary Care Extension Program through the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality to provide support and assistance to primary care providers to educate providers about preventive medicine, health promotion, chronic disease management, mental and behavioral health services (including substance abuse prevention and treatment services), and evidence-based and evidence-informed therapies and techniques, in order to enable providers to incorporate such matters into their practice and to improve community health by working with community-based health connectors, referred to by the Act as Health Extension Agents. Cooperative Extension and Academic Medical Centers in New Mexico, Oregon, Kansas and Kentucky are collaborating in one of three AHRQ pilots to build a win-win partnership.

    Panelists will discuss what is going on in their states with different models of health extension and their work on developing a national toolkit for primary care extension.

    At 8:45am to 9:45am, Thursday 12th April