Straight WSGI for Tiddlers

A session at PyCon UK 2012

Friday 28th September, 2012

5:00pm to 5:30pm (GMT)

TiddlyWeb was initially created as an open source, reference implementation of an HTTP API for server-side storage of TiddlyWiki tiddlers. Since then it has evolved to being a flexible architecture for persisting tiddlers as general web resources. TiddlyWeb was developed in Python (2) without a framework to insure it was maximally transparent. Because of this, its architecture provides insights into techniques, advantages and pitfalls that come with developing a straight WSGI application. The same layered and modular approach used for web handling can be very useful elsewhere in the stack, especially with regard to flexible storage mechanism, such as integration with sqlalchemy and Redis. TiddlySpace, a derivative of TiddlyWeb, takes advantage of this flexibility to create a highly scalable web service that works alongside nodejs, memcached and beanstalkd. The talk will describe the architecture, the advantages that come from using it, and the tools used to manage it.

Depending on what the committee deems more interesting the talk can be pitched towards Rich Apps or Best Development Practice. The TiddlyWeb model has become the hosting of tiddlers (provide as, amongst other things, JSON) for the sake of web apps driven by JavaScript. TiddlySpace adds websockets, queuing and integration with nodejs. The default entry point to TiddlySpace for users is TiddyWiki, but it can also be driven with many other apps, including those created by the users.

The following links point to some other papers or talks that provide some background on TiddlyWeb and TiddlySpace. This proposed talk could easily be the "How" to go along with the "Why" below.
* "TiddlyWeb: HTTP for Tiddlers": http://peermore.com/http_tiddler... * http://totw.tiddlyspace.com/Why, which are the notes used to develop * "Tiddlers on the Web": http://burningchrome.com/~cdent/... * http://tiddlyweb.com/ * http://tiddlyspace.com/ * https://github.com/cdent/tsapp
This last thing, tsapp, might itself make a better, more focused, talk. tsapp is a Python-based tool for building (JavaScript) apps for TiddlySpace. This web page, http://tsapp.tiddlyspace.com , was created by tsapp to be a tool that is about tsapp.
My github: https://github.com/cdent My CV: http://peermore.com/chris_dent_r...

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Chris Dent

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PyCon UK 2012

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28th30th September 2012

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