Sessions at PyCon US 2012 about Graph on Wednesday 7th March

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  • Graph Analysis from the Ground Up

    by Van Lindberg

    Graphs are a fundamental datatype - but typical developers don't get as much exposure to using and working with graphs as with other datatypes like tables and queues. This is a from-the-ground up working session; by the end, attendees should have the tools and experience to model and analyze problems with graphs.

    This tutorial is intended to bring somebody with Python experience but limited or no experience using graph-based algorithms to a place where they:

    • Understand the basics of graph theory and why it can be helpful;
    • Are familiar with the available tools for dealing with graphs;
    • Recognize how to model a problem in terms of a graph; and
    • Have a first hands-on experience applying the theory and the tools to solve an interesting real-world problem.

    To do this, the tutorial is divided into four sections, each corresponding to one of the objectives above. Each portion will have a hands-on exercise pertaining to the exact subject, with part 4 as a crowning workshop bringing together various skills and points raised throughout the session; after having a few minutes to work on their own code and ask questions, the class as a whole will walk through a solution.

    At 1:20pm to 4:40pm, Wednesday 7th March

    In D3, Santa Clara Convention Center