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  • Making and understanding music with Python and a little bit of Math

    by Pedro Kroger

    Are you interested in learning more about Music but have found most material to be kind of patronizing or to present things magically instead of logically? The good news is that much of music can be understood with programming and math, two things you're already good at! In this hands-on workshop you'll learn some elements of music from a (Python) programmer's perspective.

    There are (many) music operations that can be expressed directly in Math and code. Just to give you a taste, tranposing a set of notes to an interval i is as simple as [(n + i) % 12 for n in notes].

    In this tutorial we'll explore the primitives of Music (notes, intervals, dynamics, articulations, and duration), take a look inside them, the means of combining those primitives (motives, chords, operations such as transposition, retrograde, inversion), and the means of abstraction (phrases, harmonic functions and progressions, and form) using Python and some basic Math. At the end of this tutorial you should have a demysthified understanding of many elements of Music and be able to use Python to create short compositions.

    You can find a list of required libraries and programs, with installation instructions at https://github.com/kroger/learni....

    At 1:20pm to 4:40pm, Thursday 8th March

    In H2, Santa Clara Convention Center