Sessions at PyCon US 2012 about Python and Linux on Saturday 10th March

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  • Designing Embedded Systems with Linux and Python

    by Mark Kohler

    The continual decrease in the cost of computer hardware is allowing more embedded systems to be built with Linux and Python, instead of the traditional approach of a real-time operating system and C. This talk reviews the differences between those approaches and describes problems, solutions, and tools that can be used when building embedded systems with Python.

    • Intro - goal of talk (2 minutes)
    • Debian vs Fedora vs source distributions vs building your own (5 minutes)
    • Different from the Desktop (10 minutes)
    • user interfaces: toolkits vs. browsers
    • setting the time
    • network
    • storage and backups
    • upgrades: images vs packages vs deployment
    • Portability, or ifdefs are Harmful in Python too (5 minutes)
    • Not Python: C extensions, Swig, and import subprocess (5 minutes)
    • Summary (2 minutes)

    At 4:55pm to 5:30pm, Saturday 10th March

    In D5, Santa Clara Convention Center

    Coverage video