Sessions at PyCon US 2012 about C and Embedded Systems

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Saturday 10th March 2012

  • Cross-Compiling Python & C Extensions for Embedded Systems

    by Chris Lambacher

    Cross-compiling is not a use case directly supported by the Python build and extension system. This talk will discuss the process of building python for your embedded platform, and the basics of getting C extensions compiled and running. It will focus on Linux so that the build host and the build target are the same.

    Outline of talk

    Ground Rules:
    This talk is on cross-compiling. Porting Python to your favourite OS is a whole other (much longer) talk
    Examples Focus on embedded Linux so that build host and target are the same OS. Different host and target OS is way harder
    What makes cross-compiling Python challenging?

    Why can't I just use OpenEmbedded?

    may not support most recent Python versions
    may not have a build recipe for a required extension
    won't support your custom extensions
    you must use another platform
    Building Python (a short overview)

    build, patch, cross-build
    build standard lib extensions
    Building Extensions

    satisfying C dependencies
    modifying setup.py
    building for your platform
    packaging for distribution
    Other Things to Look Out for:

    package dependencies
    virtualenv & easy_install / pip
    Challenges you may encounter with platforms other than Linux

    Python 3.3 on hardware TBD
    Invitation to discuss ways to make Python more accessible to embedded developers

    At 4:15pm to 4:55pm, Saturday 10th March

    In D5, Santa Clara Convention Center

    Coverage video