Sessions at QCon New York 2012 about SVG on Monday 18th June Conference day #1

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  • Visualizing Information with HTML5

    by Dio Synodinos

    The more information-rich our societies become, the more demand there is for representing information visually, and the HTML5 platform is one of the best ways to create visualizations and communicate a message. Either for making sense of quantitative data, displaying qualitative information or simply creating the next Mona Lisa, technologies like CSS3, SVG, Canvas, WebGL, etc, provide a very powerful toolbox for developers, designers and artists.

    In this presentation we’re going to start of by examining all the enabling HTML5 technologies that were mentioned, their features and how they are used in practice to deliver captivating user experiences. Then we’re going to move one level up and talk about the frameworks that make these powerful but sometimes overly complex technologies, more accessible to programmers. We’re going to see frameworks like Raphaël, Processing.js, D3.js, Fabric.js, etc, their features and their applicability. Finally, time permitting, we’re going to go over online examples that best demonstrate the power of the web platform for visualizations and analyze how they were created.

    At 4:50pm to 5:50pm, Monday 18th June

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