Sessions at Queen City Merge about Backbone.js and Marketing on Friday 11th May

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  • Innovation Is Something You Feel

    by marty_b

    Innovating within an organization is a mystery, especially those within service industries. Why? Because innovation is something that you feel and not necessarily just something that you do. Making individuals feel something is a hard assignment. For service organizations there are limitations to our business model putting business practicality and unpaid innovation at odds. Yet, without investing in innovation, clients won’t pay for skills that you have not demonstrated—the ultimate chicken or egg question. In addition to the business challenges, there are a lot more practical questions as well, like where to start innovating? As we reflect on our year, we always realize how many hours went unbilled, unused every year. Many organizations just do not know where to start or how to create a plan for innovation. This talk will put actionable steps to innovating at any organization, focusing on the service industry, and discuss how to harness the power of the unbilled hour to innovate. Harnessing the energy of your organization has the ability to win new business, empower your teams and finally help people feel innovation.

    Marty Boyer is the Chief Product Officer of Possible Worldwide, Cincinnati. He leads Technology, Program Management and Resource Management functions. He helps steer the technology and processes that deliver their creative product.

    He thrives on brand building and solving business problems utilizing technology. During his tenure at Possible Worldwide, he's worked with a number Fortune 100 businesses building applications and executions ranging from social to mobile applications.

    At 9:00am to 10:00am, Friday 11th May