Sessions at RailsConf 2012 about Testing on Wednesday 25th April

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  • Rails Testing for Zombies

    by Gregg Pollack

    So you’ve got the basics of Rails down, but you haven’t really done any testing. Never fear, this course will lead you through everything you need to know to start testing your Rails apps. All you need to bring is a laptop with Wi-Fi and a browser which isn’t Internet Explorer. All coding will be done through our web application, and there will be plenty of lab assistants to help you if you get stuck along the way.

    Topics Covered
    * Test Unit basics
    * Testing Rails models, using fixtures, and validation testing.
    * Improving our testing code with macros, shoulda basics, and setup/teardown.
    * Mocking and Stubbing with Mocha
    * Testing the whole Rails stack with Capybara Integration tests
    * Using Factory Girl to replace Fixtures

    At 10:30am to 2:30pm, Wednesday 25th April

    In Room 616, Hilton Austin Downtown

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  • MiniTest: Refactoring Test Unit and RSpec back to version 0.0.1

    by Jared Ning

    MiniTest is the no-nonsense testing framework you already know how to use. If we strive for cleaner and simpler code in our own work, wouldn't it be nice to have that in our test framework too? Whether you're a Test Unit fan or RSpec fan, you'll feel right at home using MiniTest. Its simplicity makes it fast, easy to use, extendable, and maybe most importantly, easy to understand. Plus, Rails 4 uses MiniTest.

    At 1:30pm to 2:15pm, Wednesday 25th April

    In Salon J, Hilton Austin Downtown

  • Testing Best Practices, or The Five Habits of Highly Effective Tests

    by Noel Rappin

    There’s all kinds of discussion on how to make test processes work, and how to make tests fast, but it sometimes seems like there’s not much discussion on how to make tests useful. What makes a BDD test valuable, in that it will save more time that it will cost in maintenance? I’ll claim that there are five things that you should look for in your tests: independence, repeatability, clarity, conciseness, and robustness. These features will make the tests easier to write, easier to verify, and easier to keep consistent as your application becomes more complicated. You’ll leave this talk ready and able to write great tests.

    At 2:30pm to 3:00pm, Wednesday 25th April

    In Room 616, Hilton Austin Downtown

  • Introduction to RSpec

    by Jon "Lark" Larkowski

    “A testing tool by any other other name would assert as truthy.” – some guy. You’ve seen Rails’ built-in Test::Unit in the morning session. This afternoon, we’ll introduce RSpec, another popular testing tool. We’ll overview basic structure, contexts, “should” expectations, mocking and stubbing. We’ll also cover Rails model, view, controller, routing, helper, and request specs.

    At 3:00pm to 3:30pm, Wednesday 25th April

    In Room 616, Hilton Austin Downtown