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C Galtenberg

Dir. of Eng. for the greatest rails company, @BlueBox. Building Whensay, the site I've always wanted to use. Writing new philosophy one 'occur' at a time.  ☯ bio from Twitter

Clif Reeder

Developer for @voxmediainc/@verge/@sbnation. University of Michigan computer science alum. Also big on beer, music, and news. bio from Twitter

Thomas Hanley

Skateboarder; Lead Architect - Walker and Company; http://getbevel.com, Death or Glory bio from Twitter

Hollyann Wood

I am: Mommy to @j_raph, OfficeManager/HR for @infochimps [Check out our Big Data Solutions!] & an Adventurer in Austin! :) bio from Twitter

Ernesto Echeverria

agile methodologies and avid Ruby On Rails fan bio from Twitter

Kelly Ehret

Ruby coder @LivingSocial by day (and I suppose night too). Crossfit, coffee and bicycle commuting. Music, micro-brews and meetups. Anything outside. bio from Twitter

Gregory Tomei

builder of web and mobile apps. advocate of whole food eating. oft mis-mentioned by tweeters. bio from Twitter

Frederic Jean

I take bits from bucket a, twiddle them a little and put them in bucket b. Sometimes, I put them back in bucket a. Developer at @coroutine


Build step by step. Push yourself, but not too hard. Learn. Keep it fun. bio from Twitter

Darin Swanson

@newrelic VP of Eng. Helping build an engineering organization. Runner: short, long, road, or trail. Isaiah 40:31 bio from Twitter

Paul Elliott

Rocketeer @ Hashrocket and frequent co-host of the Ruby5 podcast. I love wine and motorcycles, but never at the same time. bio from Twitter

Vincent Jacquel

Vimster, railster and technology enthousiast

Don Cruse

Texas Appellate Lawyer •  Pet-project owner of @scotxblog & @certpool bio from Twitter

Jason Stirk

Ruby and RoR developer, bespoke beard owner, linux zealot, gamer and sometimes misanthrope bio from Twitter

Ben Atkin

Microposts about node.js, ruby, web development, freelancing, data, computer science, free software, literature, music, and the outdoors. bio from Twitter

Teri Solow

code writing, game playing, bike riding, noun verbing cyborg

Jaco Pretorius

I'm a South African living in New York. I work at @HightowerCorp and blog at http://jacopretorius.net

John Duff

Web developer - Rails, Ruby, Javascript, CSS, jQuery, EC2. Now working @Shopify. bio from Twitter

Alexandre Folgueras

Web developer, Open Source and BDD enthusiast. bio from Twitter

Brian Curliss

Austinperneur. Remarketer. BizDev. Bringing value where others don't see it. Empowering/Inspiring others to do the same. http://www.CrashInAustin.com --biz bio from Twitter


Web application development expert Technologies: Ruby on Rails JQuery Mobile Lotus Notes/Domino bio from Twitter

Arnoldo Rodriguez

Me gusta codear, me gusta el asado, me gusta la pasteleria y panaderia francesa, adoro cocinar. Cofounder de @incaztech bio from Twitter

Michael Watson

Geek. Sci-fi. Software. FIRST FRC. Capitol BEST. bio from Twitter

Amit Kumar

Digital Expert with McKinsey Digital Labs

Stevie Graham ⚡

Building @tellerapi ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ bio from Twitter

jon budar-danoff

I'm just this guy, you know? bio from Twitter

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