Sessions at RailsConf 2012 about Ruby and JavaScript on Tuesday 24th April

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  • Using XMPP as an Asynchronous Communication Layer Between Ruby and JavaScript

    by Andrew Carter and Steve Jang

    Although XMPP is most often used as a chat protocol, it can also provide a robust asynchronous communication channel in other application scenarios. In this presentation, we will provide introduction to Strophe.js, XMPP4R, and ejabberd, which are the XMPP components that we use to integrate our device automation framework and living room devices under test. By using these off-the-shelf components, we addressed our needs for getting around internal firewalls, application security (based on SASL), and asynchronous command-response handling.

    At 4:00pm to 4:45pm, Tuesday 24th April

    In Room 615, Hilton Austin Downtown

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