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Ramesh Bajgain

Trekking And Tours operator at Nepal Holiday Treks And Tours Pvt. Ltd

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Peter Gregson

Cellist & Composer; aspiring travel agent. Most recently: http://thelisteningmachine.org & http://bit.ly/cellomultitracks bio from Twitter

John Liston

Web designer migrated from Brighton to North East Wales

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Keiichi Matsuda

Designer, Director and Researcher, working from London and Tokyo. bio from Twitter

Phil Ricketts ★

I'm a designer, developer, starter, with a passion for creating online products and experiences. ⌠@oneleap @rememberthewar⌡ bio from Twitter

Gregory Machon

design technologist and a bit more; I think about things and make something out of it; embrace your inner coder; bio from Twitter

Sergei Müller

Senior Web Developer at bwin.party digital entertainment. Leader, geek, lover of good food, great wine and excellent friends. bio from Twitter

Neil Young

Programme manager for @33Digital. London cyclist. Erstwhile NZer. Aspiring idler, maker, re-reader, photographer. Brixtonite. Lover of the old and the new. bio from Twitter

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Mark Boulton

Designer. Speaker. Writer. Publisher. Cyclist. Lapsed Martial Artist. Guitarist. Husband. Dad. bio from Twitter

Darius Karimi

User Interface developer @rightmove bio from Twitter

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Tim Ahrens

Type designer running Just Another Foundry. Also, consultant for @typekit, maker of the @rmxtools. bio from Twitter

Peter Elst

Googler. Rich Media Developer. Geek. bio from Twitter

Abdul Rehman

I read in 1st year. I am 18 years old. http://totally-free-tutorials.blogspot.com/

Evgenia Grinblo

I like design, people & the relationship in between. Currently UXing at Future Workshops in London.

João Pescada

Interactive Stuff Developer by day. Random Stuff Maker by night. bio from Twitter

Patu Tifinger

visual artist / UX / UI designer | art is code . code is art bio from Twitter

John Dalziel

Web techie and gamer. Long Now member. Curator @computusengine

Ben Debnam

A Creative Thinker | Coffee Lover | Disney Geek - I'm the creative part of Goo and a Lead Designer at @lightmaker bio from Twitter

Sean Ronan

head of technology for audionetwork, pilot and diver, although not all at the same time.

oliver blaum

#creativestrategist bio from Twitter

Ian Feather

Front End Ops, UI Developer at Lonely Planet. bio from Twitter

Shaun Dunne

🐔@deepchickenAI creator 👨‍💻 Blockchain Enthusiast. ♥️Cryptoeconomics. Coder. bio from Twitter

Matt Ballantine

one-time creator of virally successful comedy flowchart... http://mmitii.mattballantine.com/2015/07/28/goi… latest projects: a book about play & http://wb40podcast.com bio from Twitter

Fergus Doyle

Full-time: Engineering @lystable in London | Other-times: kitesurfing/kiteboarding, music and travelling. bio from Twitter

Mark Kirby

Technical lead @Matchboxmobile, speaker and trainer, bluetooth expert and foodie... bio from Twitter

Mark Simpkins

@mycelia4music & doing art and design, currently doing place making design, a new sound installation and student mentoring bio from Twitter


London based JavaScript consultant. bio from Twitter

Sam Hicks

Snowboarder. Designer. Developer. Daydreamer :) bio from Twitter

Richard Wiggins

Husband, cyclist, web designer and founder of http://pixelcreation.co.uk and http://mkgeeknight.co.uk bio from Twitter

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