Sessions at RE:DESIGN/UX Design about Context on Tuesday 1st May

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  • Designing for Context

    by Andrew Crow

    As designers take on new problems of convergence and ubiquity, we find ourselves facing new challenges. The products and services we create are accessed through multiple devices, different channels and an even wider audience. How do we accommodate the context of use?

    Whether you design mobile apps, services or web experiences, you know that people have different needs and desires. Those issues are complicated further by a landscape of technology they encounter daily.

    This table discussion will highlight these new challenges and discuss solutions based on our collective design experience. Topics include:

    • What should you be aware of when designing a product or service for use in various locations and environments?
    • How does motion and distraction affect interaction design decisions? How can your content adapt?
    • How can time affect the use of your product? Can you provide for casual use vs. urgent need?
    • In what context will your device be used – home, work, train, airplane? How does the form factor of your device steer your design efforts – screen size, capabilities? How does input methods factor in – hands, fingers, voice?
    • People bring their own context to your product. Have you considered discoverable interfaces, content written for the situation?
    • What happens in an ecosystem? How do other products affect yours?
    • How does social and cultural context play into the strategy of your design?

    At 2:50pm to 3:45pm, Tuesday 1st May

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