RubyBizUK March 2012 Meetup attendee directory

Florian Siepert

Snacks & scarves & @brunswickhse bio from Twitter

Rowland Fong Lip

Co-founder of @Teebox_network bio from Twitter

James Mead

Co-director of @freerange software coop; Ruby developer; author of @mocha_rb; sailing & telemark skiing enthusiast; former Antarctic winterer. bio from Twitter

James Adam

If I had something amazing to write, I probably wouldn't write it here. bio from Twitter


CTO @alliants. Director @secemp. --- Technology, strategy, user & customer experience, menswear and a lot of cocktails. All views are plagiarised.

This person is involved with this event.
Tom Stuart

The wind of nothingness blasts, unhindered, from every talk.