Ruby Lugdunum 2012 attendee directory

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Jevin Maltais

Rapid Development Pragmatist

Simon Courtois

I love Ruby, Rails, Open-Source, Git(hub)?

Etienne Depaulis

SaaS Maker bio from LinkedIn

Nicolas Mérouze

I consult I run Full stack entrepreneur: Product mngt, UX, Dev (Ruby, JS, Go) And I love tea bio from Twitter

Jérémy Lecour

Ruby, Rails, Git, open-source software, …

Aylic Petit

Agile Ruby (on Rails) developer — @rails_france contributor bio from Twitter

Urban Hafner

Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript freelancer. Always looking for projects. More at

Nicolas Jacobeus

Web entrepreneur, dedicated learner & fitness enthusiast. Founder of Belgian web development company @belighted. bio from Twitter

Chris McGrath

Ruby developer, Aikido student, Diver

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Thibaut Barrère

I'm bootstrapping WiseCash and I'm available for short term ruby/rails/datamunging consulting. Get in touch! bio from Twitter

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Marcin Olichwirowicz

Web Application Developer. Enthusiast of new technologies. Currently happy baking Ruby code in Applicake where his very presence is radiating with awesomeness! bio from Twitter

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Ro Samour

Ruby Hacker. Bass Player. Vim aficionado. Solutions Barista @ Hashrocket. bio from Twitter

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Xavier Noria

Everlasting student, Rails core team, Ruby Hero, with a wonderful daughter, Kinesis keyboard user, Segway glider, Gold Winger, I also breathe bio from Twitter

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Joan Wolkerstorfer

Born/raised in MN, educated at UChicago, stage managed in San Francisco, moved to Berlin, learned German, married @agnoster, learned Rails. Programming, yay! bio from Twitter

Cyril Rohr

Full stack web developer. Mainly working with Ruby and Node.js. bio from Twitter


Cutting Edge Tech, User Experience Based Dev & Design, R&D. Connecting Flights: @af83media @af83inc bio from Twitter

Urban Hafner

Film photographer and Film Waster. bio from Twitter


I'll try to convert you to Vim. I code mostly in Ruby. I'm probably complaining about code or weather right now. Working at @SponsorPay bio from Twitter


Geek bio from Twitter

Christopher Dell

Creator of the @localeapp localization interface for Rails apps, organiser of @la_conf Paris bio from Twitter

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Alex Koppel

ex-expat, book reader, ☃ at @esparklearning, part of @chicagoawesome bio from Twitter

  • Sleep!, Fri 22nd June 2:00pm to 2:30pm
Simone Carletti

Passionate programmer, PADI Master Instructor, Sommelier. I work at @dnsimple. I'm also @robowhois, @robodomain.

Francesco Canessa

Hello! I'm Francesco Canessa, a software developer specialized in web development. Contact me, I like software especially when open source!


(I’m not even going to look to see what the Daily Mail has to say about this.) bio from Twitter

Terence Lee

heroku's ruby task force (RTF), ruby order padawan, bundler core, railsgirls, friday hug evangelist, freedom (bbq) sauce giver, hopkins alumni bio from Twitter

Yannick Schutz

banana bender & ☃ for @heroku bio from Twitter

Damien Mathieu

Ruby - Javascript - DevOps ♠ @lyonrb & @rulu cofounder

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Roy Tomeij

Co-founder of @AppSignal. Freelance front-end architect, Sass evangelist, trainer & speaker. bio from Twitter

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