SEC501: Advanced Security Essentials - Enterprise Defender

A session at SANS London 2012

  • Eric Conrad

Cyber security continues to be a critical area for organizations and will continue to increase in importance as attacks become stealthier, have a greater financial impact on an organization, and cause reputational damage. While Security Essentials lays a solid foundation for the security practitioner, there is only so much that can be packed into a six-day course.

A key theme is that prevention is ideal, but detection is a must. We need to be able to ensure that we constantly improve our security to prevent as many attacks as possible. This prevention/protection occurs on two fronts - externally and internally. Attacks will continue to pose a threat to an organization as data becomes more portable and networks continue to be porous. Therefore a key focus needs to be on data protection, securing our critical information no matter whether it resides on a server, in a robust network architecture, or on a portable device.

Despite an organization's best effort at preventing attacks and protecting their critical data, some attacks will still be successful. Therefore we need to be able to detect attacks in a timely fashion. This is accomplished by understanding the traffic that is flowing on your networks and looking for indication of an attack. It also includes performing penetration testing and vulnerability analysis against an organization to identify problems and issues before a compromise occurs.

Finally, once an attack is detected we must react to it in a timely fashion and perform forensics. By understanding how the attacker broke in, this can be fed back into more effective and robust preventive and detective measures, completing the security lifecycle.

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Eric Conrad

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SANS London 2012

England England, London

26th November to 3rd December 2012

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