Conference day two

A session at Seaport Security Asia 2012

Wednesday 28th March, 2012

8:00am to 5:00pm (SMT)

08:30 Registration and Refreshments
09:00 Chairman’s Opening Remarks
09:10 Increasing Asian Ports’ Security through Regional Collaboration: U.S. Coast Guard
Understanding the role of the U.S. Coast Guard in Asia and how it contributes to maritime and seaport security
Outlining the various collaboration strategies of the U.S. Coast Guard with different Asian ports: How collaboration with Asian coastguards, customs and intelligence bodies improves port security
Exploring the areas where customs and coast guards can further improve in inter-agency collaboration
Reviewing the current maritime and seaport security landscape and preparing strategies to further improve inter-agency collaboration
Lieutenant Commander James Stellflug
International Port Security Liaison Officer
Singapore Detachment

09:50 Examining the Latest Technologies and Initiatives Implemented at the Port of Los Angeles
Improvements in cargo and container-scanning equipment: How these changes impact scanning efficiency, detection and deterrence at the Port of Los Angeles
Understanding the importance of these new technologies to combat existing and new security threats
Examining the benefits of multi-view imaging to increase throughput and detection capability
Evaluating the benefits of utilising the latest techniques: Finding the right equilibrium between short term costs and long term container and port security
Captain John Holmes
Deputy Executive Director

10:30 Morning Tea and Networking
11:00 Examining the Latest Technologies and Initiatives Implemented at the Port of Miami: Providing Comprehensive Port Security Against Terrorist Threats
Discussing the importance of inter-agency policing at the Port of Miami
Highlighting the strategies employed in securing terminals, cargoes and ships at the port
Ensuring container security through the use of the latest X-ray scans (HSS) and nuclear detection devices
Outlining the measures used to combat underwater and waterside threats
Bill Johnson
Port Director,

11:40 Achieving Port Security through
International Best Practices and Cutting-Edge
Technologies: The Port of Dover
An introduction to security operations at the Port of Dover: Combining best practices with the latest technologies and equipment
Identifying the challenges at the Port of Dover:
Implications for seaport security and the London
2012 Olympic Games
Outlining the strategies employed to combat seaport threats: Multi-agency Threat and Risk
Assessment (MATRA) approach
Evaluating the security measures at the Port of
Dover: What is working and what can be improved
Robin Dodridge
Director of Operations

12:20 Lunch and Networking
13:20 Coordinating Security at Large-scale Ports in Asia: The West Port Case Study
ISPS Code implementation at the West Port: Overcoming the operational and technical challenges to its introduction
Highlighting the special security measures implemented to protect the port from security breaches: How successful have they been at West Port?
Complementing the latest technologies with effective personnel training: Highlighting the importance of multi-tasking training at West Port and how they have contributed to improve security
Evaluating the best practice security measures at West Port: An ongoing learning experience
DSP Tamil Selvan
Head of Department, Port Police

14:00 Maritime and Port Security in Sri Lanka
Assessing the current maritime security landscape in Sri Lanka
Implementing the ISPS Code in Sri Lankan ports: Challenges and strategies
Discussing the strategies and solutions used to overcome these challenges: Contextualising international best practices to Sri Lanka ports
Reviewing current security initiatives and how they can be improved in the future
Major General Sanath Karunarathna
Director for Security

14:40 Afternoon Tea and Networking
15:10 Examining the Challenges and Strategies to Port Security in Asia’s Upcoming Ports: The Chittagong Port Case Study
Understanding the challenges to port security in developing ports: A closer look in Bangladesh
Highlighting the greatest challenges in Bangladesh: Cost constraints and human expertise
Discussing the strategies and solutions used to overcome these challenges: Complementing technology with human training
Overcoming the security threats at the Chittagong Port: Reviewing current trends and areas to be improved
Lt. Col. Kamrul Islam
Director for Security,

15:50 Improving Inter-Agency Security Coordination: Coordinating Security Initiatives at the Port of Tanjung Priok in Indonesia
Providing an overview of port operations in Tanjung Priok: How security issues are viewed in Indonesia
Examining the challenges faced in port operations in Tanjung Priok: Delineation of security responsibilities between the various agencies
Discussing the strategies to improve inter-agency collaboration issues to improve overall security in Indonesia: Developing a comprehensive and clear organisational structure among the various agencies
Outlining the future developments of inter-agency cooperation at the Port of Tanjung Priok and Indonesia
Cipto Pramono
General Manager

16:30 Protecting Oil and Natural Gas Cargo at Ports: The Bintulu Port Case Study
Introducing the Bintulu Port operations: Ensuring security for one the world’s largest natural gas ports
Discussing the challenges and strategies of securing these assets: Analysing the security record at Bintulu port
Recognising the importance of inter-agency cooperation to ensure security: Cooperating with the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency
Overcoming the security threats and reviewing the steps to further increase protection and detection
Elvis Tulu
Security Manager,

17:10 Balancing Human Security with the Right Use of Technology to Increase Port Security: The Tanjung Pelepas Port Case Study
Understanding the security threats and challenges at the Tanjung Pelepas Port: Smuggling and theft within the port limits
Providing an overview of the existing technologies and security equipment utilised at Tanjung Pelepas
Recognising the importance of human vigilance to complement existing security technologies and equipment: Detection and CCTVs are not enough
Overcoming the security threats in the port and reviewing the steps to further increase protection and detection

Baharudin Othman
Senior Security Manager

17:50 Closing Remarks by Chairman
18:00 End of Conference Day Two
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