Shutdowns and Turnarounds Summit schedule

Sunday 9th September 2012

  • Planning and execution of a power plant shutdown and turnaround

    In order to effectively execute the shutdown and turnaround plan it is important to coordinate all the aspects of the project, understand the type of work that needs to be carried out during the event and acquire the essential resources in advance. Benefit from this interactive workshop covering A-Z of shutdown planning.

    • Understanding the maintenance philosophy and integrating it within the shutdown
    • Organizing and planning maintenance activities and ensuring regular monitoring and control
    • Understanding the replace or repair philosophy
    • Scheduling the shutdown activities and ensuring co-ordination between internal and external manpower
    • Dealing with the unexpected: pre-empting the downtime and eliminating problems and bottlenecks
    • Evaluating the shutdown process and plant efficiency
    • Maintaining continuous Improvement and planning for the future

    Mr. Bill Richardson
    Fellow of the Institute of Diesel and Gas Turbine Engineers

    At 9:00am to 9:00am, Sunday 9th September

    In Le Royal Méridien

Monday 10th September 2012

Tuesday 11th September 2012

Wednesday 12th September 2012

  • Showcasing how to successfully integrate systems to enable shutdown management

    One of the biggest challenges faced by shutdown departments is the integration of their software and devices with upcoming digital platforms and new maintenance systems. This workshop will concentrate on:

    • Identifying the advantages of integrating systems
    • Analyzing how integration can help in developing better plans for shutdowns and turnarounds
    • Discovering the potential uses of the data obtained through system integration and demonstrating the return on investment of system integration

    Mr William Le Hanie
    SAP Specialist, Plant Maintenance and Project Syst

    At 10:00am to 10:00am, Wednesday 12th September

    In Le Royal Méridien

  • Developing an accurate contingency plan

    Even after developing the perfect pre-plan for execution of shutdown there is no guarantee that things won’t go wrong. In order to cope with unforeseen problems it is essential to formulate a contingency plan. By developing a contingency plan, companies can better cope with last minute situations and avoid losses. This workshop will concentrate on:

    • Understanding the importance of a contingency plan
    • Analyzing the risks involved in the shutdown project & developing a suitable contingency plan
    • Balancing the risks of failure with the costs of equipment replacement

    Mr. Saqib Nadeem Mohammad
    Shutdown Superintendent - Official Advisor and Chairperson
    Dolphin Energy Limited

    At 1:30pm to 1:30pm, Wednesday 12th September

    In Le Royal Méridien

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