SMACSS Workshop Atlanta attendee directory

Joshua Miller

Web application developer, data manipulator and voracious reader; thinker and music lover; husband and father of two awesome kids; introvert and skeptic. bio from Twitter

Jesse Heady

Solutions Architect at Cox Media Group. Founder @bg_atlanta & @photograffit. Husband of @wickedwench. Father. Game, music, tech, & comic fan. Opinions my own.

Evan Mullins

Interactive designer loves animating content and the intersection of art and tech. I contribute to make the web a prettier, easier place for you & grandma.

Jon Friskics

developer and educator @codeschool @envylabs @iOSBytesPodcast

Moses Ngone

fanatic (Arsenal FC, all things hypertext ). code curator @epiclabs, @ninelabs also @blueridgeapp bio from Twitter

Adam Clark

My podcasts: http://avclark.com. My podcast course: http://irresistiblepodcasting.com. bio from Twitter

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Jonathan Snook

Web designer, developer, speaker, writer, and now product manager. I wrote SMACSS. I work at Shopify. bio from Twitter

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Kitt Hodsden

@drupal dev, ex-@twitter eng, @hackerdojo co-founder, @kickstarter fan. I live on chocolate & automate everything. Networks slow when I'm around, blame the NSA.

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