Sessions at SourceDevCon 2012 about ExtJS and Wakanda and MDD

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Friday 4th May 2012

  • Wakanda: NoSQL & SSJS for Model-driven Web Applications

    by Alexandre Morgaut

    Developing a business web application is still a long process in 2012.

    Model-Driven Development is at the heart of:

    • requirements design for the contractor and the product manager,
    • productivity for the developer,
    • consistency and security for the end-user
    • evolution toward future applications

    The Wakanda platform – via its NoSQL object datastore WakandaDB – intends to let you create such model-driven applications. The presentation will explain and show how to create the application model, with its business and security rules, coded once, then made available everywhere without being bypassable. To add even more consistency, the same language is used everywhere: JavaScript. You'll enjoy the intuitive way to get data from the datastore via either the REST or the SSJS APIs.

    You’ll see how to use the defined Model directly in a native framework or the Sencha one.

    At 8:30am to 9:25am, Friday 4th May

    Coverage slide deck