Sessions at South Florida .NET Code Camp about LINQ on Saturday 18th February

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  • Introduction to ASP.NET Dynamic Data

    by Oleg Sych

    Dynamic Data is one of the best and undeservingly forgotten new features of ASP.NET. Have you looked at Dynamic Data in its initial release and decided it was too limited, too complex or could only be used for simple screens? Think again! Dynamic Data unlocks the true potential of WebForms and LINQ. It can be used in existing pages of traditional ASP.NET applications as well as new, completely dynamic web sites. This session will show you how to use this powerful framework, starting with the simple controls and templates that make your daily coding tasks so much easier, to the powerful URL routing and dynamic LINQ queries that allow you to generate entire web applications from a data model.

    At 11:10am to 12:20pm, Saturday 18th February

    In Room 3032, Nova Southeastern University

  • Exploring Entity Framework 4 Coding Models

    by Stan Schultes

    This talk will explore the various models available to build applications in Entity Framework 4. We will cover the three major code generation styles in EF: database-first, model-first, and the newest, code-first. We'll look at how to use LINQ against EF, show the ease of MVC 3 integration with EF, and we'll wrap a WCF Data Service with OData around EF with a Silverlight client. This is a code-heavy session with minimal slides, and is very compelling if you’re building Line of Business or other data-centric applications.

    At 4:00pm to 5:10pm, Saturday 18th February

    In Room 1047, Nova Southeastern University

  • Linq to objects - Advanced topics

    by Amir Liberman


    At 4:00pm to 5:10pm, Saturday 18th February

    In Room 3034, Nova Southeastern University