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Saturday 25th August 2012

Sunday 26th August 2012

  • LiftPort Lunar Space Elevator Operations

    by Aidan Shaffer and Michael J. Laine

    @Aidan Shaffer

    The logistics of shipping a purpose built device from the assembly floor to a port of call than onto the spaceelevator base station at the equator will be examined. The Space Elevator operations will be modeled statistically using Poisson distribution as a single point of service with multiple queues. The logistics will be examined for optimal efficiency with a total of four separate runs per month occurring on the Elevator. Three cargo shipments and one “live cargo” shipment of 100 tonnes each
    will be evaluated and assumed to be the standard model for operations. The time
    interval of the mission will be approximately one month and one week in duration starting when the equipment is received at the Space Elevator base station. The most important factor is customer satisfaction with a focus on quality of shipment, it will be assumed that a shipment contract exists and implies a single use of the Space Elevator, which consists of a round trip.

Monday 27th August 2012

  • Social Media: Do's and How To's with LiftPortal Lunar Space Elevator and LiftPortal nonprofit

    by Michael J. Laine and michelle cadieux

    This case study explains how one space elevator company has used social media as a basis for educational outreach, media relations, community development, and fundraising. It is a working model that encourages participation with other space elevator organizations, public and private space agencies, the philanthropy community, foundations, US government funding agencies, and the general public. We are giving some concrete examples that other space elevator companies can adopt and hopefully team up to strengthen the industry and work together. We’d also like to hear about what tools work well for others and have discussion time budgeted into the presentation slot.

    LiftPort is a lunar space elevator company that works in Advanced Technologies, Nanotech, Robotics, Weather Balloons, Wifi, Tourism, and more.

    LiftPortal is the space educational nonprofit that supports the development of LiftPort Lunar Space Elevator. We work under the umbrella of Leeward Space Foundation (501c3), and Community Safety Programs, Inc (MN nonprofit) while we investigate forming a 501c3. We get involved in working with all levels of students, space Education outreach and online, StarVoyagers, Team Prometheus Ardusat, a Speakers Bureau, and more.

    At 11:00am to 11:30am, Monday 27th August

    In Museum of Flight

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