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Alejandro Saucedo

An enthusiastic Software Engineering and Banking & Finance university student who has a vision to change the world!! Haha (Srsly) [ Founder of @HackaSoton ]

Praveen Enjapuri

Fun Monger,EntrepreneurialAmbitions,Ideas Man,ActiveNetworkr,Geek,Fitness/SportsFanatic,LovesCooking,Chess,Badminton,VoraciousReader,Biographies,PS3,EnjoysLife bio from Twitter

Habib Karim

Trolling life since 1991.

Matt Glover

iOS developer with over 3yrs experience in iPhone/iPad app development. Passion for developing function rich and attractive applications - Solving a user's need bio from Twitter

Androidbloke Blogger

Grant Kemp. IOS, Android and MobileWeb Guy. Love Magento! Omni-channel Mgr for @Inviqa and @Sessiondigital. My tweets are my own and not that of my employer bio from Twitter

Nagib Tharani

International @ Clio. Co-Founder http://Opuss.com. Inventor. Entrepreneur. Addicted to good guacamole and yorkshire puds. Tea lover. bio from Twitter

Fee Schmidt-Soltau

UX & Interaction Designer @Cmnplace. Passionate about #design #prototyping #craft #bouldering #cycling bio from Twitter

Ea Ryberg Due

Aspiring Digitalist. Tinkerer and like Data. Skilled in Business. Approach it Sociologically. Think in Networks. Focus on Social Web. bio from Twitter

Amaresh Ray

☕️ bio from Twitter

Nico Macdonald

Commentator, facilitator and consultant on innovation and creativity. BIG POTATOES manifesto co-author (@TheBigPotatoes). Chair of @MediaFutures. #FRSA bio from Twitter

Female techie

Software engineer, African tech, Triathlete-in-training bio from Twitter


Enjoy learning new technology. Interest on http://ASP.Net/MVC/ WP and W8 development, Also know a bit of PHP/JS bio from Twitter


勒英国额上海拧, a web application maker(c#,jquery,asp.net), and cyberspace traveler. bio from Twitter


Viewsy's CEO. Lover of brilliant execution, optimising for user behaviour and late night psychologising. bio from Twitter

Artur Kisiolek

He's not a designer, nor a developer. A bloke who likes web stuff. bio from Twitter

Karan M ʕ•̫͡•ʔ

Student, Tech Enthusiast ( ♥ : Android, iPhone, LAMP, Java, UI and UX) : ☁ -cloud,  -apple bio from Twitter

David King

Founder @artificiallabs, building websites, apps and platforms from the City of London. Interested in startups, agencies, insurance and tech. bio from Twitter


Born and raised in Silicon Valley, grew up in England. Mobile geek for last 8 years, web for the last 14, Mac user for the last 27, now focused on Android bio from Twitter

Hemal Shah

Device programming and way of life bio from Twitter

Jon Atkinson

Director at @wearefarm, Editor of @DjangoWeekly. I speak on Python, Django, mobile and general business nonsense at (un)conferences throughout the UK. bio from Twitter

Hon Lee

F+P Developer,Gamer @kernelrage,Geek @mashtheweb Not necessary in any particular order.Other things are WP7 Hobbyist,http://ASP.NET ,Hack Day Enthusiast bio from Twitter

Hoi Lam

Technology entrepreneur. Previously technology equity analyst at bulge bracket investment banks. This is my personal twitter account. bio from Twitter


Developing the mobile web bio from Twitter

John Travel

The best travel guides for your iPhone and iPad, covering all the must see locations, country info, and local info for the best countries in the world. bio from Twitter

Jason Grant

Product, service & UX designer, conference speaker, lean start-up & UX mentor, dad, innovator, musician, CEO, business consultant & cyclist. @awardio founder. bio from Twitter

John Hamelink

Web developer. Imagineer. Blogger. Starter-upper. Postdesker. Lancer of freedom. Padwan. Wildling.

Spring Hackathon

England England, London

28th29th April 2012

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