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Saturday 28th July 2012

  • Getting started with SharePoint 2010 Online development

    by Jeremy Thake

    Jeremy Thake, SharePoint MVP, will introduce SharePoint 2010 Online as an application development platform inside Office 365. The session will explain how to get started with the different approaches from web UI configurations, to SharePoint Designer 2010 customizations to full blown Visual Studio development with Sandbox Solutions. Jeremy will introduce the concepts of how Application Lifecycle Management can be introduced to this along with migrating existing applications across from on-premise.

    From this session you should walk away with:

    • Using SharePoint Online 2010 as an Application Development Platform
    • Getting Started with SharePoint Online 2010 development
    • Application Lifecycle Management with SharePoint Online 2010 in Office 365
    • Migrating SharePoint 2010 Apps to SharePoint Online 2010

    At 9:15am to 10:30am, Saturday 28th July

    In Carousel, Microsoft New York Office

  • Managing my life with Office 365 Small Business

    by Xenox Garavito

    Do you use SharePoint in the workplace and wonder how you can setup your own personal SharePoint site at home to help manage your life?

    You’re in luck.

    This session will guide you through the process and give you some ideas on how you can push Office 365 Small Business to its limits.

    At 10:40am to 11:55am, Saturday 28th July

    In New Amsterdam, Microsoft New York Office

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  • SharePoint In The Cloud: Evaluating The Impact, Pros, and Cons

    by Richard Harbridge

    Microsoft has unleashed their cloud strategy and Office 365 is now publically available. What does this mean for organizations using SharePoint today? How can organizations leverage the Microsoft cloud effectively with their SharePoint implementations and future SharePoint Strategies?

    In the marketplace, information on SharePoint ‘and the cloud’ abounds. Much of this information is fluffy, ‘cloud-like’ marketing material, or does not clearly explain how businesses can practically leverage “Cloud” technology with SharePoint. Join Richard as he discusses the practical application of Microsoft's cloud technology and SharePoint, when it has brought measurable benefit to organizations, and when to avoid it.

    Geared toward companies struggling with understanding what SharePoint in the Cloud really is, those that have not yet implemented SharePoint 2010 and those looking to migrate.

    • Implementing SharePoint in the Cloud
    • Differences between Hosted and In house solution
    • Cost
    • Features lost/gained
    • Finding the Right Hosting Provider
    • Drawbacks and Integration Issues

    At 1:00pm to 2:15pm, Saturday 28th July

    In Bethesda, Microsoft New York Office

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  • Securing Microsoft Technologies for HITECH Compliance

    by Marie-Michelle Strah

    Both federal and commercial healthcare organizations are faced with unprecedented opportunities to improve operational efficiencies and access to care, including Health 2.0 initiatives, telemedicine, and innovative outreach and collaboration solutions for patients, caregivers and providers. However, the roadmap for interoperability, meaningful use, program integrity and data integrity provides challenges for HIPAA 5010, ICD 10 conversion, and data sharing across DoD, VA and commercial healthcare providers and ACO.

    Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics CRM can play an important role in managing unstructured and structured data in healthcare organizations but need to be architected and configured to meet the complex demands of connected health frameworks and HITECH security and privacy. The recent launch of Office365 as a HIPAA-compliant infrastructure has also significantly changed the game for cloud and compliance.

    Learn how to plan, architect and provide end to end security for SharePoint, Office365 and CRM solutions in a BYOD healthcare setting using native features of these platforms as well as third party solutions. Case study format.

    At 2:30pm to 3:45pm, Saturday 28th July

    In Belasco, Microsoft New York Office

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  • Using WCF and BCS to bring your Enterprise Data to the Cloud

    by Fabian Williams

    SharePoint Online offers better and tighter integration to your Line of Business (LOB) systems with Business Connectivity Services (BCS). With the ability to take that to the Cloud, now your data is immediately available to a variety of format and uses to consume. Done securely with WCF and Azure, this provides a powerful combination.

    At 4:15pm to 5:30pm, Saturday 28th July

    In Belvedere, Microsoft New York Office