Sessions at SharePoint Saturday NYC 2012 about Usability

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Saturday 28th July 2012

  • How to Make a SharePoint Site Intuitive: The Science of Easy to Use

    by Marcy Kellar

    You don’t have to be a designer to make a SharePoint site easy-to-use. There is a science behind ensuring a user thinks less about how to use a site and more time focusing on what is on the site. These techniques and principles are standard in the regular web design world and can be applied to SharePoint too.

    This session breaks down the science of “easy-to-use” and demonstrate techniques to communicate requirements and what it takes to make your SharePoint site more intuitive to users. It is intended for the non-designer tasked with implementing an easy-to-use and widely adopted SharePoint site and covers:

    • How to articulate and define “easy-to-use” (and how to measure it)
    • Why your users do what they do
    • Fundamentals and best practices in usability
    • How to take advantage of current web conventions and patterns
    • The relationship between “easy-to-use”, psychology and user adoption

    At 9:15am to 10:30am, Saturday 28th July

    In Majestic, Microsoft New York Office

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