Sessions at SharePoint Saturday NYC 2012 about Performance and SharePoint on Saturday 28th July

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  • Performance Check on SP Farm – Perf Mon using PowerShell

    by Sanjiv Sharma

    Microsoft’s Performance Monitor application makes a wealth of information about the components on the servers. In order to properly diagnose and troubleshoot SharePoint performance problems, SharePoint Admin often depends on a performance monitor (perfmon) log during problem period. Choosing or picking different sets of Performance Counters for SharePoint Servers are sometime cucumbersome and time comsuming. Also few client do not allow to log-in to Production Servers directly. Using Powershell we can achive all the possible scenario and can make re-usable script.

    In the live demo will try to show how to make best use of PS and other free tool to make readable report from Perf Mon Counters.

    At 12:45pm to 12:55pm, Saturday 28th July

    In Carousel, Microsoft New York Office

  • Optimizing SQL Server for SharePoint

    by Brian Alderman

    More than 90% of the content accessed via SharePoint is stored in SQL Server and without the correct configuration of SQL Server it can have a detrimental impact on the performance of SharePoint. Some companies don’t have dedicated database administrators (DBA’s) so the SharePoint administrators are managing the SQL Server instance that is hosting the SharePoint content. Regardless of whether it is a dedicated DBA or the SharePoint administrator there are critical SQL Server configurations that can be made to that will optimize SharePoint. Often DBA’s are familiar with how to manage SQL Server, but may not be familiar with some nuances that SQL Server has when integrated with SharePoint.

    In this session we will demonstrate how some default settings SQL Server negatively impact SharePoint and what changes can be made that will improve the performance of SharePoint. These changes include database file settings, memory settings, and even file system settings. We'll also examine how to properly install SQL Server and SharePoint so they work together as efficiently as possible. This discussion will introduce the Best Practices framework that will allow your SharePoint administrator and/or your DBA to configure SharePoint and SQL Server to provide optimal performance for your SharePoint implementation.

    At 2:30pm to 3:45pm, Saturday 28th July

    In New Amsterdam, Microsoft New York Office