Sessions at SharePoint Saturday NYC 2012 about Branding and SharePoint

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Saturday 28th July 2012

  • 10 Costly Mistakes in SharePoint Branding and Web Content Management

    by Thomas Daly, Michael Mukalian, Marcy Kellar and Jason Himmelstein

    SharePoint Branding isn’t easy and mistakes are inevitable. Some mistakes are costlier than others and impact a variety of areas such as budget, long term sustainability, functionality, and user adoption.

    This session provides an overview of the costliest or most common mistakes made when customizing the SharePoint user interface. You will see examples, screenshots and demos of these mistakes in action. You will learn the answers to following questions:

    • Why is this choice or path a mistake?
    • What is the impact or cost?
    • Are there any exceptions?
    • What is the fix or workaround if I’ve already made the mistake?

    Understanding which mistakes are the costliest and most common can help you avoid making them and give you the confidence to embark on your next SharePoint branding adventure.

    At 10:40am to 11:55am, Saturday 28th July

    In Carousel, Microsoft New York Office

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  • Re-Experience SharePoint: Ripping Apart the SharePoint 2010 Interface

    by Mark Miller

    At the KMWorld Conference last year, Peter Moreville said something in the keynote that rang as true as the Liberty Bell: "When competing for grants, the prettiest pictures win the funding." This was an epiphany for me. We all know it's true, but are we taking advantage of it? Are we using all of the resources at our disposal to create an intuitive interface that will encourage participation and user buy-in of our sites?

    In this session, we'll examine a default team site created in SharePoint 2010. We'll rip apart the presentation layer, piece by piece, exposing the underlying structure and CSS to see what can be done to create a more intuitive and aesthetically pleasing site.

    At the conclusion of the session, you will have an understanding of how the presentation layer of SharePoint pages is structured and what you can do to make your site stand out from the basic SharePoint sites you see everyday. To paraphrase Moreville, "When it comes to End User buy-in, the interface wins the funding." Let's work together to get you that funding.

    At 1:00pm to 2:15pm, Saturday 28th July

    In Tavern on the Green, Microsoft New York Office

  • CSS Tips and Tricks from the Trenches

    by Matthew Hughes and Cathy Dew

    When making SharePoint not look like SharePoint there are many challenges that you face. Many of these issues can be addressed through CSS alone. In this session we will cover a wide variety of issues that you can make an impact on a SharePoint UX design with simply CSS.

    At 4:15pm to 5:30pm, Saturday 28th July

    In Palace, Microsoft New York Office