12th Annual European Shared Services and Outsourcing Week schedule

Monday 14th May 2012

  • Pre-Conference Site Tour at Unisys

    by Unisys Corporation

    A quick commute from the conference centre, come join the Unisys SSC team as they discuss some of your most important questions.

    • What does a retained organisation and nearshore services delivery SSC framework look like?
    • Why the move from a regional to a global model?
    • What’s left and how the remaining centre provides real value and critical resources in terms of service delivery to the customer?
    • What are the challenges (operational, legal, social) of moving from a 300+ strong transactional SSC to a much smaller operating centre of only 30 heads.
    • Hear the nuts and bolts of the processes that remain (regional accounting, regional order sales support and order management functions, pan European VAT and credit and collections.
    • Review the governance structure and understand how employee engagement and customer satisfaction are key


    Chris Gunning
    Vice President, Global Shared Services

    At 8:00am to 12:00pm, Monday 14th May

  • Pre-Conference Workshop B:

    by Kraft Foods

    Customer Engagement Strategy: Goals & Priorities

    • How do you set up your OD to put the customer first?
    • Getting your teams equipped for the challenge
    • Highlight the importance of communication – internally and with customers

    Rob Bullen
    Customer Innovation Manager
    Kraft Foods

    At 8:00am to 10:15am, Monday 14th May

  • Pre-Conference Workshop D:

    by The Hackett Group

    Global Business Services (GBS) Service Management, a Pivotal Capability for GBS Evolution to More Agile Service Delivery

    • Learn the fundamental concepts of GBS Service Management and recognize the tangible benefits of mastering these capabilities on delivering GBS efficiency and effectiveness
    • Gain insight into how GBS Service Management capabilities should evolve as your GBS evolves and you can accelerate to achieve higher levels of Service Management, learning lessons from world-class GBS.
    • Understand how GBS Service Management enables GBS organizations to meet enterprise demand for business agility

    Martijn Geerling
    Director - Practice leader, GBS Advisory Services, EMEA & Asia
    The Hackett Group

    Gerald Fass
    Associate Principal, GBS Transformation
    The Hackett Group

    At 8:00am to 10:15am, Monday 14th May

  • Pre-Conference Workshop E:

    by Iron Mountain

    Improving the Efficiency of Your Financial Operations

    Globalisation has lead to more demanding customers with collaboration changing how consumers behave with their suppliers. Compliance standards including Sarbanes Oxley & 8. EU directive have all added complexity when dealing with financial documentation. One area that is always under scrutiny is the Accounts Payable function, how can it be improved and made more efficient whilst managing costs?

    To answer this, consider these questions:

    • How many invoices are processes by your team with incorrect supplier tax details?
    • How many coding mistakes are made when keying from paper invoices into the finance system?
    • How many invoices are routed to the exception queue compared to straight through processing?
    • Does management have an overview of outstanding payments and how long they to process?
    • How many inbound calls does the AP team take in regard to the status of their processes invoice?

    Dimitri De Ruiter
    Head of Business Process Management Sales
    Iron Mountain

    At 8:00am to 10:15am, Monday 14th May

  • Pre-Conference Workshop J:

    Fast Track and Tactical Procurement and Its Effect on Working Capital Optimisation

    • Learn how successful procurement processes can add value to your business
    • Understand “what’s out there” and that one size doesn’t fit all
    • Debate how flexible settlement options can drive working capital benefits
    • Gain insight to best practice processes and your future planning
    • Enhance your network – join a community of like minded individuals with the same goals
    • Take Away the “Hi 5’s“ Top 5 tips to effective Fast Track and Tactical Procurement

    Sid Vasili

    At 8:00am to 10:15am, Monday 14th May

  • Pre-Conference Workshop J:

    by Invapay

    Fast Track and Tactical Procurement and Its Effect on Working Capital Optimisation

    • Learn how successful procurement processes can add value to your business
    • Understand “what’s out there” and that one size doesn’t fit all
    • Debate how flexible settlement options can drive working capital benefits
    • Gain insight to best practice processes and your future planning
    • Enhance your network – join a community of like minded individuals with the same goals
    • Take Away the “Hi 5’s“ Top 5 tips to effective Fast Track and Tactical Procurement

    Sid Vasili

    At 8:00am to 10:15am, Monday 14th May

  • Chairperson Opening Remarks

    by Mike Colicchio

    Mike Colicchio

    At 8:40am to 8:45am, Monday 14th May

  • Pre-Conference Workshop G:

    Negotiation Best Practices in a Global Marketplace

    • Create organisational integration between client and provider at a global and local level
    • Discuss the areas of contract that should be the focus for negotiation
    • Learn what is preventing the shift in the focus of negotiations
    • Ensure evaluation criteria (at both buyer and provider) focus more strongly on evidence of cultural alignment between the organisations and that the other side can provide evidence of its success at partnering

    Tim Cummins

    At 10:15am to 12:30pm, Monday 14th May

  • SSOWeek Europe Show Opening

    by KPMG Europe LLP

    Naomi Secor
    Regional Director, Europe & Americas

    Mike Colicchio

    Claudio Altini
    Managing Director

    At 12:45pm to 1:05pm, Monday 14th May

  • Shared Service Organisations Embracing the Future of Work and Putting it to Work Today

    by Cognizant

    Unleashing the True Value for Shared Services Decision Makers

    Will Millennial mind-set dictate how you gear up to support your stakeholders and will virtual and global delivery models determine your shared services strategy - more than 50% of the respondents on a recent Cognizant poll believe that Millennials will have a radical impact on the future of both business and information technology. What this means for shared service is a paradigm shift towards a truly global and virtual outsourcing model and a significant “shift” towards adopting new ways of working. New business models, technologies, and a fresh mind-set about collaborative work are fuelling the next wave of business process modernization, and shared services decision makers are at the forefront of this shift. This session will explore:

    • New market requirements and the pressures driving the need for more efficient, effective, and innovative ways of doing business.
    • New process-oriented solutions that integrate process work with technology-based platforms of collaboration to deliver business agility as well as savings in the shared services context.
    • Practical tactics for tomorrow for shared services decision makers to set up for long-term value by identifying and implementing near-term services and solutions without exposing the organisation to un-mitigated risk.

    Martin Kochman
    Global Lead BPS Solutions

    At 1:10pm to 1:40pm, Monday 14th May

  • Networking Exercise #1: Single vs. Multi-Process vs. GBS

    At 1:45pm to 2:00pm, Monday 14th May

  • Panel Discussion: So You Think It’s Just About Cranking Numbers, Think Again

    by British Petroleum, Wipro, Deloitte, HP and Shell

    Big DATA Strategies Are Here To Stay

    What are your numbers telling you? How do you turn the data that only the SSO has visibility to, into business insights that lead to more effective decision support and bottom line impact? This requires a deep understanding of how your work impacts the business, the tools needed to capture granular operational data and how to combine business knowledge and analytics to create meaningful improvement opportunities. Vast amounts of data flow through your SSC on a daily basis, but is not necessarily harnessed or interpreted in a manner that provides ‘actionable insights,’ either to improve your operations, or inform the core business as a whole. If you can isolate cause and effect from the data, and apply the right analytic rigor on a consistent basis, the opportunity to impact business outcomes, not just reduce cost and efficiency for processes in scope, looms large.

    • Utilise data to make you a wanted business partner
    • Make interrelationships of the data, understanding the metrics and business drivers
    • Improve key controls and reporting to the design and implementation of operational and customer dashboards
    • Highlight the enabling tools
    • Discuss the challenges surrounding (privacy, questions we are asking)


    Vinay Firake
    Global Sales Head

    Ian Wilson
    Director GBS, Global Finance Shared Services

    Frans Liefhebber
    Vice President Data Management

    Phil Whelan
    Managing Director – BSC Europe

    Annelies Dieusaert
    Director Global Tax Center (Europe)

    At 2:00pm to 2:40pm, Monday 14th May

  • Hi-Tech Know-How: How Do The World’s Top Technology Companies Move Their Back Office To New Heights?

    by Microsoft

    • How are you leveraging your technology (home grown, cloud services & integration) as part of your shared services /outsourcing strategy to create business value?
    • Given the scope and speed of change in the global economy, what is at the top of your agenda?
    • Let’s look at location - where are you focused in terms of cost structure as well as talent, technology and innovation?
    • In your respective shared services, outsourcing, strategies, have you captured the benefits you expected?
    • To the extent that benefits have met or exceeded your expectations and what were the key drivers of success?
    • What have been some of the significant hurdles that you have had to overcome?
    • Has your global business model been integral to the integration and value capture of acquisitions?
    • Define higher value work within your centers and how are you investing in it? (captive and outsourced)

    Henric Haggquist
    Senior Director WW Financial Outsourcing

    Ralph Geertsema
    Head of Finance Transformation
    BT Group

    At 2:40pm to 3:10pm, Monday 14th May

  • SSON’s Big Idea #1: The Greatest Natural Resource In the World That Has Been Overlooked

    At 3:40pm to 3:50pm, Monday 14th May

  • What Keeps Your CEO Up At Night? The Benefits You May Be Missing By NOT Adopting a Global Business Services Model

    by P&G Media Team, General Electric and TPI

    Sitting high on your CEO's priority list is the task of mapping the move towards structuring and delivering global business services. The benefits are far too great to ignore; data management, business agility and payback on large ERP investments. As organisations look to accelerate growth, they will depend on a model which allows for greater scale and flexibility to support global processes and systems. What is the true meaning of global service delivery and most importantly, how do we prepare for and manage the transition?

    • Discuss the true meaning of the model – does one size fit all?
    • Become a more agile enterprise and manoeuvre through M&A effectively
    • Convert data into business intelligence, translating into more effective decision support
    • Discover major payback on large ERP investments and other pockets of savings

    Sponsored by: ISG

    Steve Kopp
    Partner & Managing Director

    Anirvan Sen
    GBS Leader

    Ole Jørgensen
    VP Strategy & Service Development
    Statoil ASA

    Remco Brouwer
    CIO & Global Business Services Leader

    Tracy Taylor
    General Manager & HR Manager

    At 3:50pm to 4:30pm, Monday 14th May

  • Client Provider Interview: How Will a Double-Dip Recession Impact SS and Outsourcing

    by Metsä Group and OpusCapita

    Top 5 Ways to Create Value & Drive Better Cash Management When There’s No More Meat on the Bone

    90% of organisations cite improved cash management as a top priority. After all, the drivers are pretty clear - technology advances, organisational structural change, a need to drive down costs, tax and regulatory requirements, improved liquidity and availability of resources. With shared services now shifting onto the plate of the CFO, it is receiving increased focus and it starts with the opportunity for greater cost optimisation. Out panel of senior leaders will provide their "must do" list and the outcomes to expect once you learn how to truly unlock the fill potential of cash management.

    • Incorporate cash into the strategic decision making process, taking into account customer insights
    • Improve visibility and control of cash flows through enhanced forecasting
    • Make sustained working capital improvements, going beyond working capital
    • Identify other areas of the balance sheet to accelerate and optimise cash flow

    Mrs Päivi Karesjoki
    Head of Product Management

    Mr. Kimmo Helle
    VP Treasury Development
    Metsa Finance

    At 4:30pm to 5:00pm, Monday 14th May

  • Where Are We Now & Where Are We Going? GBS Overview & Trends Across the Shared Services & Outsourcing Industry 2012

    by The Hackett Group

    You told us that accurate insight into the hard-core facts and numbers is what you are looking for from SSON’s global benchmarking partner, The Hackett Group. Back by popular demand, we bring you a familiar face; 2010 European Thought leader of the year, Tom Bangemann, who will be providing the numbers that truly count as world class benchmarks in today’s market and answering the questions everyone is asking

    • How long will wage arbitrage be sustainable? What happens when all available scope has been off-shored?
    • What’s shifting in terms of patterns with functional and process scope?
    • How can we prepare for business acumen within GBS, and deal with topics such as forecasting cycles, business risk and market volatility?
    • Business agility, outsourcing, cloud, and do they fit together?
    • How do we provide value and move up the maturity curve?

    Tom Bangemann
    Vice President Business Transformation
    The Hackett Group

    At 5:00pm to 5:30pm, Monday 14th May

  • Pre-Conference Workshop C:

    by Chazey Partners

    Shared Services 101: The Fundamentals of Designing, Building and Implementing

    • Critical success factors for any SS implementation
    • Defining the project scope (depth & breadth)
    • Recognising the critical importance of the “customer”
    • Reviewing people and organisational structures
    • Considering outsourcing as a possibility
    • Reviewing the criteria for your location decision

    David O’Sullivan
    Co-Founder & Partner
    Chazey Partners

    On Monday 14th May

Tuesday 15th May 2012

  • Networking Exercise 2: European vs. Non European Based Organisations

    At 8:45am to 9:00am, Tuesday 15th May

  • Panel Discussion: Verticalisation is Key to Customisation: A Paradigm Shift in the BPO Industry

    by Finnair, WNS Global Services, Sony Music Global and Sony Electronics

    Customisation will take centre stage in an industry, which owes its foundation to commoditisation. Industry-specific customer preferences and goals are drivers for the era of “Verticalisation.” During this panel we examine the following;

    • The maturity of the BPO industry
    • Commoditisation versus customisation
    • Me-too’s replaced by specialists
    • Customisation: Key to Differentiation and Outperformance
    • Value Drivers dependent on specific needs

    Questions to ask in the era of customisation, and customer-centric value-maximiser approach reigning supreme:

    1. What does verticalistion really mean?
    2. How does it really help bring greater value for clients?
    3. The often cynical and always pragmatic buy-side client executive has heard all this before and seldom seen it improve the firm in a significant way…So is today’s verticalisation different?
    4. In the current environment, which industries undergoing turbulence around new regulations, or deregulation, such as utilities and telecommunications, how will vertical solutions change the game?
    5. The jury is still out, as many providers are just now embarking on this strategy, and those who have already pushed down this path are at various stages of completion. What’s the verdict thus far?

    Nimesh Akhauri
    Senior Vice President and Head of Sales Europe

    Patrik Forrstrom

    William Rowe
    CFO UK & Ireland/SVP Operations
    Sony Music Entertainment

    Juergen Schmitz
    Director of Finance & Operations
    Sony Electronics

    At 9:00am to 9:40am, Tuesday 15th May

  • SSON’s Big Idea #2: Looking Beyond Limits

    At 9:40am to 10:00am, Tuesday 15th May

  • Driving Business Excellence through Global Sourcing

    by dowchemical, TCS and Gartner

    Globally, sourcing models have evolved considerably over the last few years, but not without their share of challenges. As organisations grapple with slow recovering economy, stringent and confounding regulatory standards, and a changing demographic structure, there is a pressing need to evolve the engagement and delivery models. Organisations are seeing a multiplier effect in the value created when they engage providers with global footprint, strong industry domain expertise, analytics capabilities and, an ability to deliver technology transformation with minimal disruption.

    This panel discussion will bring together buyers, advisors and provider to discuss

    • Current state and value proposition of the sourcing models
    • Balancing the different priorities such as simplifying processes, customer retention and the need to launch new products and enter new markets.
    • The evolution of the Business Process as a Service model Session

    Sponsored By: TCS

    Edwin Hage
    Director Shared Services
    Dow Chemical

    VK Raman
    Head – Global Operations

    Cathy Tornbohm
    Vice President – BPO Research

    At 10:00am to 10:40am, Tuesday 15th May

  • Transforming Finance at Unilever & Shell: The Uncut Stories

    by Unilever Corp News, Shell and KPMG Europe LLP

    During this session you will listen to two very different approaches to Finance Transformation, using shared services and outsourcing as an enabler. Learn how this was achieved in a captive and hybrid environment, highlighting the varying drivers and organizational structures that supported the execution of the strategy.

    To what extent does the SSO continue to enable the finance transformation from a value perspective and how can we enable mature business partnering discussions and end to end processing?


    Claudio Altini
    Managing Director


    Peter Hoffman
    Director Financial Planning & Analysis Europe


    Erik van der Steen
    Deputy Controller Finance Operations, Centre Finance Lead, Krakow

    At 10:40am to 11:10am, Tuesday 15th May

  • G6 Under Practitioner Review

    by Cognizant, The Hackett Group, Accenture, Qatar Foundation, Deloitte, Capgemini and KPMG Europe LLP

    G6 remains your one chance each year to vote in your chosen top vendor individuals, and pose in public the questions you REALLY want answered. This time there’s a twist. The “Buyside” community are right in the driving seat. Biting back harder than ever before, G6 2012 has your PRACTITIONER peers moderating the session live. There’s no script, no rehearsal, nowhere to hide.

    At 11:45am to 12:45pm, Tuesday 15th May

  • Track A: Panel: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: Everything You Need to Know About Shared Services Start-Up, But Never Dared to Ask

    by Specsavers, Monsanto Company, PPG Industries, Gilt Groupe and Chazey Partners

    • Design and influence the business case – does buy-in ever really happen?
    • Scope of services-start small or multiprocess approach?
    • Learn what main messages you can never over communicate & what you must never assume your employees understand about the transition


    David O’Sullivan
    Co-Founder & Partner
    Chazey Partners

    Norbert Smith
    Director Finance Shared Services
    PPG Europe BV

    Jan Van Buggenhout
    Shared Finance Lead EMEA

    Sean Lawlor
    Finance Director
    Gilt Groupe

    Dilesh Magdani
    Head of Finance Shared Services Centre

    At 1:40pm to 2:25pm, Tuesday 15th May

  • Track B: Extracting Real Insight From Tax Data in Shared Service Centres - The Rise of the Analytics

    by Deloitte

    • Discuss the basic analytics proposition
    • Look at where this may be applied in the shared services center arena
    • Consider specific examples of how compliance and reporting data can be accumulated into a detailed analysis of effective tax rate through analytics

    Annelies Dieusaert
    Director Global Tax Center (Europe)

    Kathleen Cokelaere
    Senior European Tax Manager
    WABCO Europe bvba

    At 1:40pm to 2:25pm, Tuesday 15th May

  • Track C: Game Changing Technology: The Powerful Opportunity Behind HR 2.0 – SaaS, Workforce Analytics, TM Systems & What's Next…

    by Aviva plc

    • Discuss the evolution of HR supporting technologies including; cloud, SaaS & analytics
    • Uncover the trends in supporting technologies that enhance customer satisfaction and facilitate service fulfilment
    • Review techniques for getting the most out of technologies you already have

    Andy Moffat
    HR Director
    Aviva Europe

    At 1:40pm to 2:25pm, Tuesday 15th May

  • Track D: Welcome Remarks from SSON's Procurement Steering Committee Followed By: Panel: Contracts and Relationships

    by TCS, Capgemini, Alcoa Inc. and Sappi Fine Paper Eur

    Panel Moderator:

    Tim Cummins

    Michael Url
    Manager, Procurement Process & Technology
    Sappi Fine Paper Europe

    Leo Curran
    Head of BPO UK & Ireland

    Zoltan Roka
    Director, Procurement Center of Excellence Europe

    Andreas Bernhard
    Head of Product Marketing

    At 1:40pm to 2:25pm, Tuesday 15th May

  • Track E: Looking Beyond SLAs: Value Creation Through Outsourcing

    by Microsoft

    • Improve financial performance by breaking down organisational silos and introducing global process standardisation resulting in greater accuracy and compliance
    • Increasing transparency in the business on performance levels in Finance
    • Benchmark to identify improvement potential
    • Review a transformation programme driving dollar benefits for both sides
    • Recognising the important of being ‘vested’ in how you work with your BPO partner
    • How an Assistant Financial Controller model adds value

    Henric Haggquist
    Senior Director WW Financial Outsourcing

    At 1:40pm to 2:25pm, Tuesday 15th May

  • Track A: Enabling Finance Transformation By Mapping Process Knowledge, Documents and Financial Controls

    by BAE Systems

    Delivering Information to 140 People in a 6 Month Project

    • Deliver a robust, effective on-line tool to keep up-to-date 'How to' information and financial control checks
    • Understand the requirements for business process mapping and end-users engagement to capture and keep improving the content
    • Utilize process maps to capture knowledge retention
    • Approach the implementation with success in record time

    Rene Nibbelke
    Change & Business Support Manager
    BAE Systems

    At 2:25pm to 3:10pm, Tuesday 15th May

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