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Toolsmith lvl 99. Engineer at @Cotap. bio from Twitter

Rob Tarr

husband, dad, web developer


Feminist, Rails hacker, vegan, amateur rocket scientist, cyberpunk, bike crash-test dummy. Coffee snob. #ruby #git #bikes #spacegeeks I work for @bendyworks bio from Twitter

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Josh Susser

San Franciscan, yogi, rubyist, entrepreneur, @RubyRogues panelist, organizer of Golden Gate RubyConf bio from Twitter

Matt Sears

Owner of @littlelines, wearer of @rubyrags shirts. bio from Twitter

Ben Burton

Ben Burton is NYC-based software engineer.

Jonathan Knapp

Digital consultant, community web advocate, passionate programmer, byte architect.

Mark Cornick

My name is Mark, but most people call me... Mark. bio from Twitter

Bill Turner

Ruby on Rails application developer for CloudPassage, living in Pittsburgh, PA. bio from Twitter

Isaac Sanders

I am an incoming Freshman at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, a Software Apprentice, and a Section Chief of the Order of the Arrow. Photo by @TheElefanta bio from Twitter

Patrick Muldoon

Just your average Motorcycle riding computer geek bio from Twitter

Jacob Swartwood

Web developer, Javascript aficionado, tinkerer. bio from Twitter

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Lindsey Bieda

computer scientist, feminist, software hacker, tea enthusiast, book worm, stenciler, and art kid wannabe bio from Twitter

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Joe O'Brien

CEO of EdgeCase, Ruby evangelist, Geek, Father, Friend bio from Twitter

Elias Peterson

失败怕我 bio from Twitter

Lisa Fuqua

Web Developer at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Amateur Memoir Writer, Starbucks Addict, Servant to my dog Sassy and doing it all un-gracefully with Crohn's bio from Twitter

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Jim Weirich

Ruby Enthusiast bio from Twitter

Oren Dobzinski

a server-side developer with interests in systems architecture, ruby, rails, NoSQL datastores, distributed web applications and agile development. @desk.com bio from Twitter

Chris Hunt

Working at GitHub and living in Portland. I'm probably speedcubing, memorizing, programming, or doing calisthenics.


CTO at @ShowClix. Organizer of @FirstBytes. Husband to @spapgh. bio from Twitter

Rachel Ober

Senior Developer in New York City

Franklin Chen

Life explorer, learner, sharer. Some interests: programming (especially in Scala, Haskell), chess, flute, running, hiking, dancing, cooking, philosophy.

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Andrew Clay Shafer

solving more problems than I cause bio from Twitter

Evan Machnic

interests = %w{Family Love Ruby Beer Scotch Moonshine Cigars} bio from Twitter

Casey West

Pittsburgh based consulting software magician. Photographer, entrepreneur, and professional amateur. Owner of @geeknest. Lets build something wonderful together

Robb Kidd

Dev, Ops, & Sec techie. Working on the Supermarket @Chef. EMT. Religious studies nerd.

Tom Schlick

Software Engineer at @orisintel, Creator of @ZoneWatcherapp, Connoisseur of open source things bio from Twitter

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