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  • Gaining confidence in JavaScript with TDD

    by Justin Searls

    Test-Driven Development offers firm confidence that the code being written works, provides continuous feedback of what should come next, encourages problems be broken down into small components, and leaves in its wake a suite of regression tests that can be run continuously as part of a build.

    Adopting TDD for JavaScript may help you address many of the most common complaints made against client-side code, such as: a lack of confidence in what will work, the slow feedback of constant page refreshes, ever-growing anonymous functions, and the fear that making a new change will inadvertently break something else.

    You'll walk away from this session with a grasp on basic Jasmine specs and syntax, reference points for how to specify AJAX interactions and complex DOM manipulations, and awareness of a number of tools that make the development experience as smooth and enjoyable as it is with your preferred server-side language.

    At 2:15pm to 3:15pm, Friday 4th May

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