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Wednesday 29th February 2012

  • Big Data: Wall Street Style

    by Jen Zeralli and Jeff Sternberg

    Some examples of ideas we think the Strata crowd may be interested in include:

    Creating user-centric, data-driven products including a recommendation engine and Facebook/Linkedin-style “newsfeed” product in a highly regulated industry where our clients (primarily Investment Banks, Private Equity Firms and Asset Managers) fiercely guard their privacy due to the secretive nature of their businesses. Chinese Walls, Insider Trading and concerns over “Private and Material” data require us to take a careful and somewhat modified approach when compared to traditional consumer applications of these types of algorithms. This project was also the first time we got our feet wet in collective intelligence as well as Hadoop.
    Entity management which is critical to our data accuracy and quality. This can be quite a beast in a world where companies are constantly forming, merging and going out of business. We employ a variety of methods to maintain the accuracy of our data from algorithmic checks to manual review and user-facing linking/workflow applications.
    Document (SEC filings, transcripts etc) parsing, and processing. Timeliness and accurateness of this data is critical to our business. Our implementation of SOLR has significantly improved our process and turnaround time.
    Ingesting proprietary client data including their portfolios and running advanced analytics (attribution, risk analytics, etc) on this data.
    The vast permutations of data available in our company, person, key development, and transaction screening engine which is another tool where speed is vital for our clients.
    Operating as a data arm as part of a larger enterprise that moves the market (for example by downgrading the United State’s credit rating this year).

    At 2:20pm to 3:00pm, Wednesday 29th February

    In Ballroom E, Santa Clara Convention Center

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