Sessions at Strata 2012 about Social Graph in Santa Clara Convention Center

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Thursday 1st March 2012

  • Mining the Eventbrite Social Graph for Recommending Events

    by Vipul Sharma

    Recommendation systems have become critical for delivering relevant and personalized content to your users. Such systems not only drive revenues and generate significant user engagement for web companies but also are a great discovery tool for users. Facebook’s newsfeed, Linkedin’s people you may know and Eventbrite’s event recommendations are some great examples of recommendation systems.

    During this talk we will share the architecture and design of Eventbrite’s data platform and recommendation engine. We will describe how we mined a massive social graph of 18M users and 6B first degree connections to provide relevant event recommendations. We will provide details of our data platform, which supports processing more than 2 TB social graph data daily. We intent to describe how Hadoop is becoming the most important tool to do data mining and also discuss how machine learning is changing in presence of Hadoop and big data.

    We hope to provide enough details that folks can learn from our experiences while building their data platform and recommendation systems.

    At 10:40am to 11:20am, Thursday 1st March

    In Ballroom CD, Santa Clara Convention Center

    Coverage slide deck

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