Sessions at International School on SWAT4LS 2012 about User Interaction

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Wednesday 2nd May 2012

  • User Interaction

    by Eric Miller

    The most successful applications marry technical functionality with a high degree of usability, resulting from a thoughtfully designed and intuitive user interface. However, user interaction design (UX) expertise is a distinct skill set, and small development teams working on sophisticated life sciences applications may not always have the available resources to add UX specialists to their project teams.

    This tutorial session (presented by a principal at an application design and development firm with experience building collaborative ontology development tools) is designed to give technical managers and developers an overview of techniques, practices, and tools used to design effective user interfaces. At the end of the session attendees should expect to have acquired knowledge of how user interaction design processes and best practices can be put to use to benefit their own projects.

    We will cover the following:
    -- Articulating the challenges of user interaction design, particularly in semantic web-enabled applications
    -- Conduct an overview of commonly used staff roles, project processes, and techniques for user interaction design
    -- Review available software tools for rapid prototyping, application design, and user testing
    -- Discuss best practices as currently articulated in the interaction design community
    -- And finally, applying these practices, tools, and techniques to semantic web applications in the life sciences

    Attendees are encouraged to prepare screenshots and descriptions of interaction design challenges for review, discussion, and collaborative editing.

    At 2:00pm to 6:00pm, Wednesday 2nd May