Sessions at SXSW Interactive 2012 about Content on Friday 9th March

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  • Sex on the Web – The Sabotage of Relationships?

    by Julie Gillis, Sadie Smythe, Rosie Q and Mia Martina

    People want to confess who they are to someone, anyone. And they want to discover who they are through that dialogue. Bonding occurs through disclosure and empathetic acceptance of that disclosure, as a result of confession. It is the basic transaction of relationships. The producers of the Austin-based performance series BedPost Confessions will discuss ways in which sexual content on the Internet helps facilitate the forming of new relationships, assists in transforming relationships, and explore how accessibility to such content might also sabotage them. We will examine the following questions and will also open the session for questions at the end.

    Issues addressed in this session will include:

    -- Has the Internet helped us become more sexually open or just lonelier?
    -- How is the flow of sexually explicit images and conversation impacting the way we define commitment in a modern relationship?
    -- Does online sexual correspondence via sexting, Facebook, Twitter etc. sabotage relationships or help them?

    At 2:00pm to 3:00pm, Friday 9th March

    In Driskill Ballroom, Driskill Hotel

  • Hyper Local Public TV Station Models: Content 3.0

    by Kliff Kuehl, Kevin Dando, Angee Simmons, David Neff and Shane Guiter

    How are public television stations positioning themselves for the future? Are they producers, curators of existing content or simply another model all together? The legacy model of public TV is changing -- quickly. Now, stations are masters of content strands, weaving together social media, geolocation, web, mobile, traditional TV and production into an amazing new product. Come see how new models are emerging and leading the next generation of public television.

    At 3:30pm to 4:30pm, Friday 9th March

    In Creekside I & II, Sheraton Austin Hotel at the Capitol

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  • Speed Tweaks: How Fast Can Audiences Drive Edits?

    by Mark Hillman, John Havens, Sally Daub, Bryan Mochizuki and Matt Naylor

    When it comes to shaping video content for target audiences, how real-time can we get? Dynamic iMedia allows digital agencies to track who's watching what content, where they're watching it, and for how long. But how can brands put this real-time feedback to use when months of approvals have already locked in a final cut? If they shoot documentary-style content, they have the flexibility to make measurement mean something. An archive of doc footage from the production phase can offer drastically different cuts.

    Bringing together a digital guru with surgical media measurement tools, the media director from the Clinton Global Initiative, who has used twitter feeds to create documentary highlight reels, and the Creative Director of branded documentary powerhouse, Flow Nonfiction, we look at how the documentary process can yield footage that makes real-time feedback actionable. How good and how fast can this feedback loop become? Are brand managers willing to follow the near spontaneity it allows? How much is too much -- when does the stat geek kill the magic? And what does this mean for filmmakers and marketers who want to keep pace?

    At 3:30pm to 4:30pm, Friday 9th March

    In Room 18ABCD, Austin Convention Center

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