Sessions at SXSW Interactive 2012 about Women on Tuesday 13th March

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  • Digital Divas: How Girls Rule the Digital Universe

    by Graceann Bennett and Dayna Dion

    How can brands in low-interest, low-involvement categories truly engage women in the digital space? Which of women’s digital activities are purchase decision drivers vs. distractors? What do women really want from brands online? Ogilvy, Microsoft and Mindshare teamed up to tackle those questions and more with “Digital Divas,” a groundbreaking study of more than 12,800 women that reveals how the Venus-Mars analogy extends into the digital sphere: how women vs. men live and breathe online and what that means for brands. "Digital Divas" makes sense of the daunting deluge of data on women in the digital domain to tell the story of how women seek, share and shop across channels. We’ll discuss and debate some hot topics, like why women really “like” brands on Facebook and what a “like” is truly worth. We’ll share some surprising new digital developments, like what surpassed peer recommendations and store coupons in 2011 to become the No. 1 influencer of women’s online purchase decisions. And we’ll illustrate how even the least sexy brands are connecting with, captivating and cashing in on women in the digital domains they rule.

    At 11:00am to 12:00pm, Tuesday 13th March

    In Assembly Room, InterContinental Stephen F. Austin

  • Women Drive Change: Tech in the Global South

    by Zawadi Nyong'o, Kara Andrade, Emily Jacobi, Jenn Sramek and Catherine Harrington

    The use of technology by women in the Global South is growing fast!

    From Africa to South America to Southeast Asia, women in the Global South are using technology tools in new and creative ways with astounding results. Teen girls and senior citizens alike are finding the freedom to use technology to let their voices be heard, to foster an independent living, and to bring about revolution.

    Women in the Global South are using advanced tactics and tools to:

    • Gain support to achieve their right to drive in Saudi Arabia
    • Advance human rights, sexual and reproductive rights and health, governance, and sustainable development in East Africa
    • Raise awareness about corrective rape and other hate crimes against lesbians in South Africa
    • Do Community mapping of sexual violence and harassment in Egypt
    • Mobilize support for women’s representation in leadership positions
    • Organize to topple political leadership

    Sophisticated and coordinated social media campaigns are becoming the domain of women all over the world.

    We will talk about what this means for women in the Global South, how their online personas might differ from real-world personas in societies where women have fewer rights, and where technology tools need to go next in order to meet their specific needs.

    At 3:30pm to 4:30pm, Tuesday 13th March

    In Salon E, AT&T Conference Center

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