Sessions at SXSW Interactive 2012 about B2B

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Sunday 11th March 2012

  • The B2B Social Media Book

    by Kipp Bodnar and Jeffrey L Cohen

    This session is a book reading of the forthcoming, The B2B Social Media Book: Become a Marketing Superstar By Generating Leads with Blogging, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Email and More to be released in January of 2012 by John Wiley & Sons Publishing.

    More Details about the book and presentation:

    Social Media has received a tremendous amount of media coverage over the past few years, but the business-to-business (B2B) approach is usually left out. Consumer sales are frequently smaller, easier and sexier, but with larger budgets. It is time for B2B marketers to learn that social media is a better fit for their type of relationship-based sales, and applying this framework to their campaigns will accelerate their marketing careers.

    Lead Generation isn’t a dirty word. Social Media isn’t about hugging customers. These two seemingly at odds forces, when combined, offer the fuel needed to launch a marketer’s career to superstardom. Using never-before published methodologies and frameworks, this book will empower marketers to be a key driver of business growth and success. It exists to transform the often under appreciated marketer into a superstar to be admired by C-level executives and lauded by the sales team.

    At 12:30pm to 12:50pm, Sunday 11th March

    In Ballroom G, Austin Convention Center

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Monday 12th March 2012

  • How to Work in B2B and Keep Your Creative Shirt On

    by Jon Stefaniak, Maria Saavedra and Melissa Messer

    You know who you are: Your clients are large and their marcom departments, though not as highly funded as the advertising departments, need rich media to get the job done. Both big budget ads and small B2B marketing efforts want to achieve the same things: behavior change, message recall, and positive brand effect. So why is the level of creativity in our executions so different? Why are we producing fewer strong creative ideas? If the blog world’s murmurs about a creative crisis in interactive advertising are true, then what do we call what’s going on in our own B2B interactive marketing? A creative meltdown? Because the interactive space is the prime medium for B2B marketing, it’s important to ask these questions to assess how we can challenge ourselves to raise the creative bar to execute great creative ideas that assure client satisfaction.

    At 9:30am to 10:30am, Monday 12th March

    In Rio Grande, Hilton Garden Inn Austin Downtown

  • Social Media in the Underground World of B2B

    by Jeanette Gibson, Shanee Ben-Zur, Susan Emerick, Duane Schulz and Melissa Chanslor

    We’ve seen multiple examples at SXSW in years past of consumer brands successfully leveraging social media and aligning to business objectives to generate ROI, many of which have millions of consumers interacting with their products on a daily basis. While B2B brands don’t always have the flash and sizzle of consumer brands, social media has the power to drive innovation, sales and success in every industry – consumer and enterprise alike. This session will focus on social media advice and best practices for B2B companies. Hear from some of the world’s leading B2B brands, including two Fortune 100 brands, about leveraging social media as a competitive advantage and engaging with and activating internal and external stakeholders. They’ll focus on how to make the case within a B2B organization and to the C-suite to invest in social media, as well as how they measure impact within their respective companies.

    At 11:00am to 12:00pm, Monday 12th March

    In Rio Grande, Hilton Garden Inn Austin Downtown

  • Everything You Need to Know About B2B Marketing

    by Lauren Vaccarello, Maura Ginty and William Leake

    Ninety-nine percent of marketing workshops/panels/discussions at SXSW are focused on business to consumer marketing. What about those who market primarily to other businesses? How can online marketing help the B2B marketer? Are B2B and B2C marketing really all that different? As more B2B marketers jump into the social media pool, answering those questions becomes even more important. The writers of the recently published Wiley bestseller Online B2B Marketing: A Practitioner's Guide will wade through the turgid waters of these questions and more.

    At 5:00pm to 6:00pm, Monday 12th March

    In Rio Grande, Hilton Garden Inn Austin Downtown

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