Sessions at SXSW Interactive 2012 about Collaboration

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Saturday 10th March 2012

  • Apply the Lessons of Open Source to Any Business

    by Ruth Suehle

    “Open source” was once a way to describe software code and a collaborative model for its development. It's now a business model, an education model, and the future of government. It's changing our lives through its principles: Openness. Transparency. Collaboration. Rapid prototyping.

    It's also the best way to get your ideas heard, make the world a better a place, and still turn a profit. No matter what business you're in, you can take a lesson from open source.

    Do you or your company apply open source principles like collaboration and transparency daily? Many are, and the old habits are cracking. New business methods are taking root. Schools are turning to open source to improve education. Even governments are embracing openness and sharing more.

    Learn how the principles that made open source an innovative software development model can stimulate innovation and make the world a better place--in any part of any business anywhere. Simply put, the future is openness.

    At 11:00am to 12:00pm, Saturday 10th March

    In Room 9ABC, Austin Convention Center

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Sunday 11th March 2012

  • All Day Event - Startup America at SXSW

    Dedicated to helping young companies grow, the Startup America Partnership is providing a place to meet, collaborate and mingle with iconic entrepreneurs, VCs and other startups this year in the Startup Village. Unique programming elements, meeting spaces, refreshments of the caffeinated and/or adult variety, and daily giveaways will make the Startup America space a can’t-miss for startups.

    At 9:30am to 6:00pm, Sunday 11th March

    In Salon E, Hilton Austin Downtown

  • Successful Onboarding: Ship Code, See Bathroom

    by Scott Porad

    Do you want a happier, more empowered team with an attitude of ownership and a focus on productivity? I thought so. We get the party started right at Cheezburger by having our new developers write and commit code to our production software on Day One. (Yes, you heard that right…we throw a newbie into the fire before they even have time to know what hit them!) Yet, given that there are only eight hours on the first day that means there are a few puzzle pieces you need to have in place to prevent this from being a complete disaster. I will show you how we do this, so you can do it too!

    At 12:30pm to 1:30pm, Sunday 11th March

    In Brazos, Marriott Courtyard Austin Downtown/Convention Center

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  • 4-Hour Work Week Is BS: Truths of Working Smarter

    by Georgia Collins, Kevin Purdy, Doug Marinaro, Kate North and Keith Perske

    Work is everywhere. In the office, on a plane, in your car, at Peet's Coffee down the street. It's virtually inescapable. And while everyone would love to believe the 4-Hour Work Week is possible, is this the reality in today's market? Can you successfully manage and execute multiple projects within a global ecosystem with a team that has several, if not all, workers contributing remotely? Let's have a frank conversation with today's industry pioneers and thought leaders, shedding new light on how we work. With mobile devices within hand's reach at all times, there's truly no excuse or escape -- something early adopters know all too well, but the mainstream is quickly discovering as well. Here, each of the parties will discuss truths they've learned about what it really means to work smarter, and evaluate and discuss some of the false sentiments floating around like needing to "meet" more and the amount of time a brainstorm should (in truth) last — in the end, sharing the worklife heuristics they've acquired and learned over the years and that make all the difference in how they operate in their day-to-day lives.

    At 5:00pm to 6:00pm, Sunday 11th March

    In Salon FG, Hilton Austin Downtown

  • Demystifying Design: Fewer Secrets, Greater Impact

    by Jeff Gothelf

    Even in today's experience-obsessed world, Design is often perceived as a tactic to simply “make things pretty.” To combat that oversimplification, designers often shroud their work in a mysterious cloud of specialized tools and jargon. This mystery gives designers (of every sort - visual, UX, interaction, et al) a false perception of value, uniqueness and control over their process and work. In actuality, this self-imposed mystery drives divisions between designers and their teams. To lay foundations for greater collaboration and inclusion, designers need to stop looking at their work in terms of “trade secrets” and start opening up about their process. Through this transparency, the cloud lifts and the true value of Design becomes clear while designers are revealed to be the indispensable product people they truly are.

    At 5:00pm to 5:15pm, Sunday 11th March

    In Texas Ballroom 4-7, Hyatt Regency Austin

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  • Go Forth & Make Awesomeness: Core Values & Action

    by Jeffrey Zeldman and Leslie Jensen-Inman

    Passion. Purpose. Promise. Pursuit. These are the 4 P’s that create a Map for Awesomeness. Discover how to: embrace your passion, define your purpose, foster your promise, and engage your pursuit. Find out how to do this in a creative environment that encourages collaboration.

    At 5:00pm to 6:00pm, Sunday 11th March

    In Ballroom A, Austin Convention Center

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Monday 12th March 2012

  • Explorations in Corporate Zoology

    by Tim Hwang

    Normally, we think about businesses as a mere collection of people working together. But, organizations also collectively act as a unit, facing the needs of survival and competing with others for resources. To that end, could we think about corporations and organizations as a unique sort of living, breathing species onto itself?

    This talk explores the latest research in the field of “corporate zoology,” which brings evolutionary theory and ecological science to better understand how businesses evolve and interact with one another. We’ll delve into efforts by corporate naturalists to understand how different businesses evolve adaptations over time in the form of departments, professionalization, and the pattern of investment. It will also explore the insights emerging from the assembly of a comprehensive “animal kingdom” classification for businesses.

    It’s going to be Jacques Cousteau meets the Wall Street Journal. Dawkins meets Microsoft. Darwin meets Enron. It’s going to be awesome.

    At 9:30am to 10:30am, Monday 12th March

    In Salon C, Hilton Austin Downtown

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  • SXSW PhotoCamp

    by Ike Edeani and Miki Johnson

    If photography is your vocation, your avocation, or simply an iPhone obsession, you won't want to miss SXSW's first-ever, day-long PhotoCamp. To give you the opportunity to meet other photo-minded folks, discuss the topics most important to you, and identify potential creative collaborators, each 60-minute PhotoCamp session will include facilitated group discussions, followed by 30 minutes of free time to connect with potential collaborators one-on-one. 9:30-10:30: What kind of collaborator am I? Improve creatively by defining your strengths and weaknesses. 11:00-12:00: Are we collaborating yet? An open discussion of collaboration models. 12:30-1:30: Everyone knows everything. Learn from others' collaboration lessons and revisit your own. 2:00-3:00: Open networking.

    At 9:30am to 3:30pm, Monday 12th March

    In Palm Door, Palm Door

  • Artists in Labs: Participatory Design at Eyebeam

    by Kaho Abe, Nova Jiang and Jon Cohrs

    Eyebeam Art & Technology Center provides a context for creative collaboration and the cross-pollination of ideas & practice. In our lab at any given time, there are up to 20 resident artists onsite at our 15,000 sq-ft facility, developing work for open dissemination through online, primarily open-source, publication. Three Eyebeam fellows will discuss their work, how they blend creative strategies & technology to build communities, share information, and create spaces for play & participation. Kaho Abe will present her work with youth and adults to demystify the black box of consumer electronics and create their own custom interfaces for games and play. Nova Jiang will present recent projects that leverage individual desire with risk & reward to create a low barrier for entry and increased participant investment. Jon Cohrs will share insights into his work combining tactical media, software and DIY interventions with location-based experiences to engage participants in meaningful dialogue about social issues.

    At 11:00am to 12:00pm, Monday 12th March

    In Capitol E-H, Sheraton Austin Hotel at the Capitol

  • Credit vs. Collaboration: The Organization Divide

    by Azher Ahmed and Jonathan Sackett

    There's a stark contrast between “owning” an idea versus collaborating in an open structure. It's often the root of the divide between “traditional” and “digital/new media” people. Because good ideas evolve into better ideas through collaboration and open input, organizations that can effectively bridge these camps are the ones that will survive. Let’s Kumbaya with Azher Ahmed, SVP Director of Digital Operations and Jonathan Sackett, Managing Director and CDO of DDB Chicago.

    At 11:00am to 12:00pm, Monday 12th March

    In Assembly Room, InterContinental Stephen F. Austin

  • Net Smart: How to Thrive Online

    by Howard Rheingold

    In order to thrive online as individuals -- and for the health of the online commons -- we need to understand literacies of attention, crap detection, participation, collaboration, and network awareness. I believe that the critical uncertainty about the future value of the Web depends on whether a sufficient proportion of the population learns these skills. So I've written a book that I want to be well-received by the knowledgeable and given as a gift to the less knowledgeable. Slated for March 2012 publication by MIT Press, I plan to launch the book at SXSWi.

    At 11:00am to 12:00pm, Monday 12th March

    In Ballroom EF, Austin Convention Center

  • Next Stage: Behind the Scenes with Indiewire featuring directors of V/H/S

    Horror fans won't want to miss this chat. All seven directors behind the Sundance found-footage phenomenon, "V/H/S" (Ti West, Adam Wingard, Joe Swanberg, David Bruckner, Glenn McQuaid and Radio Silence) will be on hand to talk about the collaborative project. They'll be joined by producer and founder of BloodyDisgusting.com, Brad Miska.

    At 2:30pm to 3:00pm, Monday 12th March

    In Exhibit Hall 3/4, Austin Convention Center

  • Big Brands and You: Make the Love Connection

    by Craig Benzine and Alejandra Carvallo

    Brands want a piece of the social media pie. Content creators want to make money without compromising their voice and audience. The Rolling Stones once said you can’t always get what you want. But they were wrong. Big brands and content creators can get what they want while working together. Many brands and content creators collaborate in ways that bring value to their shared audiences. It just takes a little care, and a lot of trust. Panelists Alejandra Carvallo from Intel and one of the all time most subscribed personalities on YouTube, Craig Benzine (aka Wheezy Waiter), show what’s worked for them and earned hundreds of thousands of views of their content.

    At 3:30pm to 4:30pm, Monday 12th March

    In Capitol View North, Sheraton Austin Hotel at the Capitol

Tuesday 13th March 2012

  • Health As a Team Sport

    by Mei Lin Fung, Ahmed Calvo, Brian McCarty and Lisa Lott

    Initiated by the US Air Force Medical Services, the Federal Health Futures Group has brought together the Surgeons General of the Army, Navy and Air Force, the Deputy Surgeon General of the United States, the Veteran’s Administration and many departments within the Health and Human Services Agency to identify ways in which Health and Health outcomes can be dramatically improved. In exploring the idea of "Health as a Team Sport," members of the Health Futures Group joined forces with game designers to explore games that can help improve public health and create the environment within which individuals can thrive in good times and bad.

    Multiple dimensions were explored.

    At the individual level: Getting more exercise, improving diet, dealing with illness, preventing disease, recovering from trauma and illness.

    At the team level: Coaching groups of health professionals to work together amongst themselves to increase health, recovery, thriving.

    In the community: In improving teamwork and collaboration between the formal healthcare and the informal family and friend networks.

    At the government level: to improve the impact and effectiveness of policy, research and regulation.

    This interactive panel will include a thorough discussion of the games designed to meet these challenges, the results obtained thus far, and identify specific future steps that the panelists could take to better leverage games in improving Health outcomes.

    At 9:30am to 10:30am, Tuesday 13th March

    In Classroom 204, AT&T Conference Center

  • The Creative Collaboration Conundrum

    by Wayne Pick and Matt Baker

    We’ve all been shown nirvana-like visions of a collaborative future where we join hands in beautiful creative harmony: the art director will join with designer, with the content strategist, with the planner, with the technologist. The list goes on.The reality of collaboration, however, often falls short, leading at times to the polar opposite extremes of territorialism and outright hostility.We’ll be sharing concrete examples of outstanding collaboration in the digital creative space and asking others to share their experiences. We'll be encouraging people to share moments of collaborative triumph and also of spectacular failure, all in the spirit of unearthing some of the foundations for successful collaboration in the all-play sandbox of interactive creativity.

    At 12:30pm to 1:30pm, Tuesday 13th March

    In Assembly Room, InterContinental Stephen F. Austin