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Saturday 10th March 2012

  • #SXsingle Meet Up

    by Kathryn Irwin

    #SXsingle, it's not just a hashtag, it's a lifestyle.

    Over the years, the term "what happens at South By, stays at South By" has become part of the vernacular for veteran attendees. In some instances, this means exactly as it sounds. However, many matches have been made at SXSW, including marriages, babies, long term relationships, and of course numerous hook ups.

    Come join other #SXsingle(s) or those who once were and want to relive their glory days at SXSW! We'll trade stories, laughs and maybe even some digits!

    At 5:00pm to 6:00pm, Saturday 10th March

    In Red River, Palm Park

Sunday 11th March 2012

  • Arcade Stage: LightBox Interactive - Starhawk... Welcome to the New Frontier

    FREE and Open to the Public. Dylan Jobe, President of Austin video game developer LightBox Interactive, will discuss his upcoming PlayStation 3 blockbuster, Starhawk - a fast-paced third person shooter set in the lawless frontier of space. Jobe will touch on Starhawk's various gameplay features and story elements, including the game's innovative Build & Battle system that allows players to alter the virtual battlefield instantly with the press of a button, the Starhawk Uplink mobile application, and the new universe that makes up Starhawk's exciting campaign.

    At 12:15pm to 12:45pm, Sunday 11th March

    In Exhibit Hall 1, Palmer Event Center

Monday 12th March 2012

  • Online Personality Disorder: Resumes & Profiles

    by Jennifer Jongsma, Kevin Lawver, Kristy Duncan and Carla Borsoi

    An editor, researcher, and program manager walk into a bar. They are looking to help talented people who have personality and technical chops. As they down a Shiner, they look for a coherent story that tells who you are, what you’ve done, and where you can go. In this session we'll share our tips then jump into live reviews of resumes and a variety of online profiles. Beyond the action verbs and a Google search, these three will help you synchronize what you show on paper and online. They'll show how your online presence (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, About.me) can help an employer picture you in their organization. How can you show yourself to be unique? How do your other digital selves support your claims? Hear how these three, with years of hiring experience, approach evaluating job candidates. Bring us your resumes, your profiles and your questions.

    At 11:00am to 12:00pm, Monday 12th March

    In Brazos, Marriott Courtyard Austin Downtown/Convention Center

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  • Thiel Fellowship: Challenging Current Paradigms

    by Jonathan Cain

    Why are some of the brightest, most passionate and innovative young people in America dropping out of college? 20u.org, a web-based film series, follows the personal journeys of four brilliant young entrepreneurs through the course of the inaugural Thiel Fellowship.

    Through a visually stunning mosaic of over a dozen short films shot over the course of two years, we meet the young and awe-inspiring Laura Deming, Alex Kiselev, Sujay Tyle and Chris Rueth as they leave their universities and homes to embark on unique and ambitious entrepreneurial ventures, with guidance and mentorship from Silicon Valley’s brightest and most successful entrepreneurs.

    20u.org – an interactive documentary with episodic updates — showcases the experiences of each of these young innovators in three parts: entering the Thiel Fellowship; the Fellowship in full swing; and at the Fellowship’s completion, as they carry their incredibly valuable new knowledge and experience into the future.

    At 1:00pm to 1:30pm, Monday 12th March

    In Room 10AB, Austin Convention Center

  • Frank Rose Book Signing

    by Frank Rose

    Frank Rose signs his book ‘The Art of Immersion: How the Digital Generation Is Remaking Hollywood, Madison Avenue, and the Way We Tell Stories’ at the SXSW bookstore.

    At 4:00pm to 4:15pm, Monday 12th March

    In Ballroom G Foyer, Austin Convention Center