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Friday 9th March 2012

  • Leaving Flatland: Getting Started with WebGL

    by Nicolas Garcia Belmonte and Luz Caballero

    WebGL has brought 3D Graphics to the browser offering a new world of possibilities for visualization and interaction. In this talk, we give you all the information you need to start using WebGL. WebGL has an unfair reputation for a high entry barrier, understanding what WebGL can do and using the right frameworks can help you very quickly create amazing stuff.

    We will cover the following aspects: what WebGL is and what you can use it for (with some of our own awesome examples), the browsers and devices that support WebGL and what you can expect for the future, when and why you would want (or not want) to use WebGL, and some more hands-on stuff like sample code, frameworks and resources.

    At 5:00pm to 6:00pm, Friday 9th March

    In Town Lake Ballroom, Radisson Hotel & Suites Austin-Town Lake

Saturday 10th March 2012

Monday 12th March 2012

  • What WebGL Will Mean for the Web

    by Ricardo Cabello, Shanna Tellerman, Ken Russell, Aaron Koblin and Henrik Bennetsen

    WebGL is bringing hardware accelerated 3D to modern web browsers. This means you can launch a full game or any other rich 3D experience by simply clicking a link your friend sent you in an email. The promise of 3D with dramatically lowered friction has been shown in early WebGL applications and exciting things are in the pipeline.

    Technically WebGL lives inside the canvas element, so it is appropriate that is often referred to under the umbrella term HTML5 along with a host of other technologies such as Javascript, CSS, and SVG.

    This panel will bring together a group of practitioners who are actively involved in everything from writing the spec to shipping real products based on it. Between us we have been there since the earliest days of the spec and have delivered some of the most high profile WebGL projects seen to date.

    We will reflect on what we have learned in the early days of working with WebGL and have a conversation about what the road ahead may look like.

    At 5:00pm to 6:00pm, Monday 12th March

    In Ballroom A, Austin Convention Center

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