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Saturday 10th March 2012

  • TechStars Live!

    TechStars, is an elite startup accelerator in the world, and by the numbers, it is harder to get in to than any Ivy League school. One of the hurdles in the TechStars guantlet is the live interview. Come and watch the TechStars team conduct live interviews with actual finalist companies. TechStars will work to identify and push hard on the core issues and then will have a candid discussion with the audience about that company. It will be like being an insider to the selection process within TechStars, and we think it will be very educational for all early stage entrepreneurs and investors. This session has been sponsored by Mircrosoft.

    At 9:30am to 10:30am, Saturday 10th March

    In Salon H, Hilton Austin Downtown

Sunday 11th March 2012

  • Social Media Is a Bubble and SXSW Is a Fad

    by Alyson Shontell, Robert Chafitz, Lauren Bruksch, Curtis Hougland and Josh Levine

    As the entrepreneur Prince sang, “So, tonite I’m gonna party like its nineteen ninety-nine.”
    Social media is a means to end.
    Social media is also increasingly horizontal in its application across the marketing funnel.
    And it is a bubble.
    As in 1999, this bubble is marked by four attributes:
    Escalating valuations: Our panel will prove how Groupon cannot sustain growth, and the valuations of current social marketing stocks are not sustainable

    Inflated salaries: How the scarcity of social marketing experts overinflated the salaries of the very people attending SXSW. This escalation came in part of a misguided panic in not understanding how to channel consumer behavior. This is why so many people are at SXSW with expense reports.
    Dizzying competition: The world does not need more than 40 photo sharing services. We are at the end of the beginning, which will include a winnowing of services and consultants.
    Tremendous hype: The number of publishers versus voyeurs is actually shrinking. This inversion of word-of-mouth to buzz is what bit Snakes on a Plane in 2006. Whenever there is a sustained inversion of buzz and word-of-mouth, the situation conflates.
    SXSW is ground zero of this hype. The event elevates the channel over the objective, and the buzz over the results. It is a cultural event, but does not focus on analytics, results, and research, the cornerstones of social media. What happens at SXSW has little affect on the consumer unlike CES or E3.

    At 12:30pm to 1:30pm, Sunday 11th March

    In Longhorn, Omni Downtown

  • Startup Genomics: Maximize Success and Avoid Death

    by Shervin Pishevar, Bjoern Lasse Herrmann, Ashley Brown, Max Marmer and Jacob Mullins

    Ivy League degree? 401K? VP of what? Screw that. Entrepreneurship on a global scale is exploding, facilitated by a growing ecosystem of resources and supporting institutions to help startups succeed. However, there is a significant difference in quality amongst these varying institutions, people and content. In this panel we will help the audience discover and navigate the emerging startup support ecosystem. Whether you're currently fielding inquiries from Pepsi, applying to TechStars, or negotiating an angel investment for your third startup, the members of this panel will lend expertise within the following four core areas:

    1. Tools: Startup Genome, Mixpanel and Kissmetrics which help you to track your progress and make better decisions
    2. Supporting institutions: Accelerators, Service Providers, VCs, Market Entrance Partners
    3. Science and Education of Entrepreneurship: Eric Ries, Steve Blank and other thought leaders release content that is transforming the way entrepreneurship is done.
    4. Corporate Partnerships: working with companies like Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Twitter, for better distribution, valuation and M&A.

    At 3:30pm to 4:30pm, Sunday 11th March

    In Salon C, Hilton Austin Downtown

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Monday 12th March 2012

  • Silicon Alley: Startup Ecosystem That Never Sleeps

    by Kristy Sundjaja, Liz Crawford, David S Kidder, Barry Silbert and Divya Gugnani

    Start spreading the news...the New York City tech renaissance is underway. ‘Silicon Alley,’ as NYC’s booming tech startup cluster is known, has a vibrant culture with unique competitive advantages. Through its recent rapid expansion, Silicon Alley has outpaced Boston and begun to rival Silicon Valley. What will Silicon Alley look like in 10 years, and how does tech community collaboration and competition foster its growth? Can your startup 'Make it in NYC?' Join us as leading NYC entrepreneurs discuss the strategic factors contributing to the ongoing evolution of NYC’s diverse, cross-industry startup ecosystem.

    At 5:00pm to 6:00pm, Monday 12th March

    In Salon C, Hilton Austin Downtown

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Tuesday 13th March 2012