Sessions at SXSW Interactive 2012 about Mobile Apps and Startups

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Sunday 11th March 2012

  • The Most Important Panel You'll Ever Attend - How to Get Your First 100 Paying Customers [NO BADGE NEEDED]

    by Noah Kagan, Nathan Latka, Espree Devora, Liam Martin and Andrew Warner

    Event Website: http://appsumo100.eventbrite.com/

    A business can't survive without customers, but how do you get someone to trust buying from your company when you are new. In this panel 5 proven business owners will reveal how they got their first 100 customers and developed at least 1000 core fans of their brand.

    Video (in case you don't feel like reading): http://youtu.be/x_ILQ12P5rU

    How long did it take to get 100 paying customers?
    What main marketing tactic did you use to get 1000 core fans?
    How did you discover how much your market would be willing to spend on your product/service?
    Were you nervous that no one would be interested in what you had to offer?
    What is the number one thing that makes your potential customers trust you to purchase?

    Moderator, Espree Devora – ZexSports and Save Business Time - "The Girl who Gets it Done" is the founder of Save Business TIme, a guide of online business tools, and ZexSports, a search engine dedicated to local action sports events, and co-founder of Women in Action Sports (WIAS).
    Noah Kagan – AppSumo - After graduating from Berkeley Haas School of Business, Noah worked in marketing at Intel before becoming the 30th employee at Facebook, 4th employee at Mint.com and ultimately founded AppSumo, THE leading on-line resource for tools and training for entrepreneurs and start-ups.
    Liam Martin - TimeDoctor and Staff - After graduating with a masters in Sociology from McGill University, Liam opened a small tutoring company which grew to over 100 employees, he consults on outsourcing and process design and is now working as a co-founder at www.staff.com, an elite remote working network where employers can find full time employees at a fraction of brick and mortar employees.
    Andrew Warner – Mixergy - Andrew has interviewed a wealth of entrepreneurs, startups, press, lurkers, and ambitious upstarts. Mixergy.com is a daily online interviews of successful entrepreneurs, such as Jimmy Wales (founder of Wikipedia), Tony Hseih (Zappos)
    Nathan Latka – Lujure - Nathan is Co-Founder and CEO of Lujure.com, a tool that helps you build a fan page in under 30 seconds. After losing his job, he decided to build a company around what he knew best: Facebook. This is the story of a scrummy college guy who goes from his dorm room, to the Lujure boardroom which now empowers over 45,000 business owners online.

    Purchase before February 29 and receive access to 2 bonus mastermind sessions:
    Monday, March 5, 8:30 PM CST - Ask your questions of development outsourcing expert, Liam Martin, co-founder Staff.com
    Tuesday, March 6, 8:30 PM CST - Learn how to sell and make money for your mobile app with Jonathon Kay, former head of marketing for Grasshopper, co-founder Apptopia and creator of Learn 2 Buzz.
    OVER $2000 in Panel Perks!
    VIP Staffing from Staff.com
    Face time with other panelists
    Credit from AppSumo
    Credit from Lujure.com Facebook Brand Page builder tool
    Lean Launch Action Guide from Mixergy
    Hang with Noah Kagan - 30th employee at Facebook, 4th employee at Mint.com, founder of AppSumo - a general marketing wizard
    The opportunity to meet event organizer super team, Espree Devora, and Sara Norris... PRICELESS!

    At 9:00am to 11:00am, Sunday 11th March