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Arnab Gupta

CEO/Founder, Opera Solutions

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Becky Wang

VP Dir of Research & Analytics, Saatchi & Saatchi NY

Becky Wang has worked in storytelling via data, media, and technology for the last decade+ in tech start-ups, finance, government, and the film/TV business. Currently, she leads the research and analytics practice at Saatchi & Saatchi NY and look for patterns in data to tell a story. In previous lives, she has overseen sales, channel/partner development, and US operations and digital product development for business media, film, TV, and social media. Yes, she reads. A lot. Most recently, Becky ran US sales and business development for PeopleBrowsr, a social analytics company. Prior to that, she worked as a digital marketing consultant to entertainment groups including Laura Ziskin Productions, Sony Entertainment, and EIF. In addition to digital marketing, she has held management and executive positions with an organizational focus in contextual data mining, semantic analysis, and web analytics for firms such as Revere Data, CNET, Washington Mutual. Fun fact: She was once a go-go dancer for live Sandra Bernhardt shows.

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Chris Kantrowitz

Co-Founder & CEO, Gobbler

Chris is a serial entrepreneur in gaming, technology, and music. At age 14, he founded his first company-- a game testing business for clients like Sony Imagesoft. After university, he co-founded 3D Groove, online gaming technology company that powered the first online 3D games at sites like shockwave.com and nickelodeon.com. In 2003, he started ODVD games, whose premiere title, “Shout!”, a pop culture interactive DVD trivia game,was distributed globally by Hasbro and is returning in 2011. In 2006, Chris combined his passion for creative and technology and co-founded Frank the Plumber, a leading concert design and production company creating digital and live experiences for such artists as Akon, The Strokes, Lady Antebellum, Stevie Wonder, Beyonce, Katy Perry and Madonna and brands like Ford, Apple and AOL. Most recently, he co-founded his second technology company, Gobbler, along with his sister Jamie. Gobbler is an early stage software company focused on building simple but powerful tools for creatives to safely and quickly catalog, share and backup their most valuable work to the cloud, solving workflow, asset management, and data loss issues for people who work in pro-audio.

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Colleen Taylor

Reporter, TechCrunch TV, TechCrunch

Colleen Taylor is based in San Francisco, where she is a reporter for TechCrunch TV. Prior to joining TechCrunch, Colleen reported on startups and Silicon Valley for GigaOM. Earlier she was a reporter for the Financial Times' Mergermarket newswire focused on M&A. Colleen has a B.A. from Columbia University.

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David Barrett

Founder, Expensify

A programmer since age 6, David is married to an opera singer and has the cutest beagle in the world. David loves third world travel and first class wine, but hates expense reports.

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Declan Mccullagh

Chief political correspondent, Cnet/Cbs Interactive

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Eric Wheeler

CEO & Co-founder, 33Across Inc

Eric is the CEO and co-founder of 33Across, bringing 20 years of experience leading successful Internet businesses to 33Across. Prior to 33Across, he was the CEO of Neo@Ogilvy and Executive Director of Ogilvy Interactive North America. Under his leadership, Ogilvy Interactive's revenue grew five-fold from 2003-2007 working with leading brands including IBM, American Express, TD Ameritrade, Cisco, and Yahoo!. Eric was COO of Carat Interactive and co-founder and President/COO of Lot21, the award-winning digital agency that sold to Carat in 2002. Eric's career includes leadership positions at CNET, Young & Rubicam, and Anderson & Lembke in San Francisco. Eric holds a BA in Political Science and Philosophy from Boston University.

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Erik Swan

CTO and co-founder, Splunk

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Frank Gillett

VP & Principal Analyst, Forrester Research Inc

New Computing Platforms, Consumerization Of IT, Smart Computing & Analytics, Tech Industry Structure RESEARCH FOCUS
Frank predicts and quantifies tech industry growth and disruption, advising both CIOs and their business constituents. He analyzes paradigm shifts in the market, providing a top-level view of emerging trends for the entire tech ecosystem.
His current focus is on the dynamic between the consumer and business technology markets, the future of back-end and end user hardware, and a new and emerging software platform - the personal cloud. In his 14 years at Forrester, Frank has catalyzed Forrester's research around cloud computing and organic IT, helped many vendor and enterprise clients develop and improve their strategies and marketing for taking advantage of market developments for more efficient IT infrastructure. Frank's past research also includes enterprise handheld technologies, enterprise portal technologies, application and integration servers, business intelligence, and data warehousing.

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Gilad Lotan

VP R&D, SocialFlow

Gilad Lotan is the VP of Research and Development for SocialFlow, where he utilizes data driven approaches to draw insight and understanding from social streams. Previously, Gilad served as a program manager at Microsoft's FUSE labs. Past work includes 'Retweet Revolution', visualizing the flow of information during the 2009 #IranElection riots, an IJOC study investigating the relationship between mainstream media and social media and 'Engaging News Hungry Audiences Tweet by Tweet', an analysis of media Twitter audiences. Gilad has presented at TED, IXDA, Summit Series, ICWSM, HICCS and CHI.

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Jade Mcqueen

Cloud Collaboration Solution, Box

Jade McQueen began her career as an A&R exec at Dreamworks & Interscope Records. After 11 years in music, she transitioned to film and TV where she wrote, directed and produced. Her love for innovation and technology drew her to the Silicon Valley and cloud computing leader Box, where, today, she’s the dynamic Entertainment Relations Manager.

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Jae Kim

Founder/Owner, Chi’Lantro BBQ

Founder and Owner of Chi'Lantro BBQ.

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Jay Stanley

Senior Policy Analyst, Speech, Privacy and Technology, ACLU

Jay Stanley is Senior Policy Analyst with the ACLU’s Speech, Privacy and Technology Project, where he researches, writes and speaks about technology-related privacy and civil liberties issues and their future. He has authored and co-authored a variety of influential ACLU reports on privacy and technology topics. Before joining the ACLU, he was an analyst at the technology research firm Forrester, served as American politics editor of Facts on File’s World News Digest, and as national newswire editor at Medialink. He is a graduate of Williams College and holds an M.A. in American History from the University of Virginia.

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John Kindervag

Principal Analyst, Security & Risk Mgmt, Forrester Research

John Kindervag serves Security & Risk Professionals. He is a leading expert on wireless security, network security, security information management, and PCI data security. John is a 25-year veteran of the high-tech world. He holds numerous industry certifications, including CISSP, CEH, QSA, and CCNA. Prior to joining Forrester, John was the senior security architect with security consultancy Vigilar, and he started the security practice for a Cisco Gold VAR, Flair Data Systems, where he was a principal security consultant. He has particular expertise in the areas of wireless security,
intrusion detection and prevention, and voice-over-IP hacking. He has been interviewed and published in numerous publications, including
Forbes.com, the Wall Street Journal, SecurityFocus.com, and Techtarget.com. John has spoken at many security conferences and events,
including RSA, ToorCon, ShmoCon, and InfoSec World.
John has a Bachelor of Arts degree in communications from the University of Iowa. Want to learn more about John Kindervag? Visit http://www.forrester.com/rb/anal....

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Jon Healey

Editorial Writer, Los Angeles Times Media Group

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Lillie Coney

Assoc Dir, Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC)

Lillie Coney is Associate Director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) in Washington, DC. She has testified before the House Judiciary Committee on Privacy and Cybercrime Enforcement and the House Committee on Homeland Security on the topic of watch lists. She has also testified before the House Committee on Science regarding Smart Grid and privacy. She also testified several times before the Department of Homeland Security's Data Privacy and Integrity Advisory Committee on domestic surveillance, CCTV Surveillance, and "Fusion Centers". Ms. Coney has testified before the Election Assistance Commission on the subject of voter privacy related to voter registration databases, electronic voting system standards development, and developing reliable measures for voting administration and equipment management. She co-chaired the 2011 Computers Freedom and Privacy Conference the Future is Now held at the Georgetown Law Center in Washington, DC. She chaired the Public Voice Jerusalem Conference in 2010 and the Mexico City meeting in 2011. Her work at EPIC encompasses forecast and analysis of emerging technology and government policy and its implications for privacy. Past efforts in this regard include Automated Target Recognition (Whole Body Scanning) and Air Travel, Fusion Centers, Smart Grid, e-Deceptive Campaign Practices, DHS Chief Privacy Office, role of civil society and cyber-security policy, E-verify and Secure Communities. She coordinates EPIC’s coalition efforts, which include the Privacy Coalition and The Public Voice. In 2009, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appointed Ms. Lillie Coney to the Election Assistance Commission Board of Advisors. She wrote the chapter, Mobilize Underrepresented Voters, in the New York Times Best Seller, 50 Ways to Love Your Country.

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Mark Seward

Dir of Security & Compliance Solutions, for Splunk

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Michael Wilde


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Molly Wood

Executive Editor, CBS Interactive

Molly Wood is an executive editor at CNET, host of the Buzz Report and Buzz Out Loud at CNET TV, and author of the Molly Rants blog. When she's not enraging fanboys of all stripes, she can be found offering tech opinions on CBS and elsewhere, and offering opinions on everything else to anyone who will listen.

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Ravi Iyer

Founder/Data Scientist, YourMorals.org & Ranker.com

I am a 13 year veteran of the technology industry who also holds a PhD in Social Psychology from the University of Southern California, where I am currently a post-doctoral researcher, focusing on issues concerning morality and values. I bring technology to academia where our educational platform (YourMorals.org), has educated hundreds of thousands of individuals about their moral profile, while simultaneously providing data for numerous journal publications. As the Director of Data Science for Ranker.com, I use my academic methods and statistical training to power recommendation algorithms. I am specifically interested in how applied moral psychology can improve the human condition, and how technology can improve moral psychology, especially given the volume of data that technology companies collect and the promise of the semantic web to make that data more accessible. My academic research has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Reason Magazine, Good Magazine, and the New York Times. Much of my published research concerns the psychological dispositions of liberals, conservatives, and libertarians, with an eye towards increasing inter-ideological understanding. I blog regularly about my research at PoliPsych.com.

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Scott Brady

CEO, Slice

Scott Brady is CEO and Co-Founder at Project Slice. He is also an Advisor and Member of the Investment Committee at Innovation Endeavors (Eric Schmidt’s Venture Fund), and Chairman of the Sloan Advisory Board at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Before co-founding Project Slice Scott was the CEO and Co-Founder at FiberTower, and CTO and Co-Founder at Clarus and SQL Financials. Scott is a graduate of Stanford University's Graduate School of Business. His undergraduate alma mater is the University of Florida.

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Silona Bonewald

Co-Founder, TuneHopper

best to look at http://silona.org/bios Educational and Instructional Design Silona was the program chair of a technical college, where she created a curriculum that exceeded the Texas Higher Education Board’s specifications during the certification process. Prior to this, she was a rescue trainer for Fortune 500 companies where she helped architect concepts for a curriculum redesign, resulting in student satisfaction going from 76% to 96% in less than a year. Recently, she consulted with and created a curriculum for a foreign nation focused on creating a learning community to support popular education about e-democracy. Silona dreams of creating an educational social network for children called “Guilt Free
Games” that would merge her experience in social networking, curriculum development, gaming and instructional design. Stay posted here to find out more.

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Steve Rosenbaum

CEO, Magnify.net/CurationNation.org

Steven Rosenbaum, author, curator, and founder and CEO of Magnify.net, serves as New York City’s first Entrepreneur at Large. In his new book 'Curation Nation' (McGraw Hill / 2011) Rosenbaum argues that the current evolution of the web is a battle between humans and robots. While algorithms may claim to offer clarity in a noisy world - the reality is that more robots create more data and more noise. Instead - Rosenbaum points to humans. Friends, Trusted Sources, and human editors who create clarity through context. Rosenbaum makes a compelling case that the future of the web is curated, not created. And if history is any judge, he's been able to predict the future before. Rosenbaum created MTV's groundbreaking user-generated series MTV UNfiltered, a pre-web television project that handed cameras to young storytellers. Before email or the web, UNfiltered was what Time Magazine called "the Future of GenX News." As the CEO of the web's largest Video Curation Platform,Magnify.net - he provides a realtime curation solution that powers more than 90,000 sites. Increasingly, crated content is powering ecommerce, brands, and organizations like Patagonia, NY Magazine, Mediaite, and TEDx. Since that time he has built a career finding, organizing, and contextualizing stories.
Rosenbaum's work in media includes filmmaking work as an Emmy Award winning documentary filmmaker. His film “7 Days In September” gathered more than 500 hours of video around 9/11 – creating a curated journey through the eyes of 28 filmmakers and citizen storytellers.

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Tim Leake

Global Partnership Dir, Hyper Island

For over 17 years, Tim has leveraged creativity to solve business problems for brands and advertising agencies. Used to be, those solutions were ads. Lately, it’s been a lot more interesting than that. At Hyper Island, Tim helps individuals and companies learn how to do things nobody knows how to do yet. It’s not just about adapting to today’s digital world -- but tomorrow’s. A lot of the time, that has to do with helping people and organizations understand the consequences of transformative technology, helping them adapt careers, processes and business models to deal with the disruption and effectively implementing change. And turns out, it’s a lot of fun helping people. Before joining Hyper Island full-time, he spent seven years at Saatchi & Saatchi NY, most recently as Creative Director and Director of Creative Innovation. He got his start in the industry spending five years learning from the best at TBWA/Chiat/Day in Los Angeles, and had the privilege of working on world-famous efforts like the Energizer Bunny and Taco Bell Chihuahua campaigns. Other agencies and brands he has collaborated with (pre-Hyper Island) include Dentsu, Colby & Partners, Digitas, FCB, MSNBC, Toyota, General Mills, JCPenney, American Express, Bally Fitness, Wherehouse Music, Qwest, California Avocado Commission, Disney Channel, Warner Bros., eToys, Mervyn's, Earth Day Network, Suzuki, Unocal 76 and Kinko’s.

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Will DeVries

Privacy Counsel, Google Inc

Will DeVries is Privacy Counsel for Google, advising Google’s product teams on privacy and security issues worldwide. He previously worked for Google in Washington, DC as Policy Counsel on regulatory and legislative issues ranging from social networking to online advertising to government access to user data. Will also taught privacy and e-commerce law at the George Washington University Law School, and speaks regularly on privacy issues. Prior to Google, Will worked in the Communications, Privacy and Information Law group at WilmerHale LLP. Will is a graduate of Princeton University and the University of California, Berkeley School of Law.