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Althea Erickson

Advocacy & Policy Dir, Freelancers Union

Althea Erickson is the Advocacy and Policy Director at Freelancers Union, where she devotes her days to making the world a better place for freelancers everywhere. Today, 42 million Americans are “independent workers” – about one-third of the entire workforce. With a membership of more than 170,000 nationwide, Freelancers Union is building a new form of unionism through creative, cooperative, market-based solutions to pressing social problems. In her role at Freelancers Union, Althea has built the membership into a powerful political constituency, leading its successful campaign to repeal unfair tax laws, launching its Political Action Committee, and pushing for legislation to protect freelancers from unpaid wages. Althea also spearheaded the creation and launch of several community-based, “New Mutualist” tools to address freelancers’ challenges, including Client Scorecard, an online database of client reviews, and Contract Creator, a free contract tool for members. Prior to Freelancers Union, Althea worked at the Rockefeller Foundation, where she focused on strategies to build economic security within the U.S. workforce. Althea also has extensive organizing and campaign experience, including organizing women on welfare in the NYC suburbs, leading the NY arm of a successful corporate social responsibility campaign targeting JP Morgan Chase, and managing a hip-hop youth center in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Althea has a B.A in Government and Public Policy from Wesleyan University.

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Andi Shively

Former Co-Dir, Cooperation Texas

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Ankit Shah

CEO, Head of Prod, Alternote

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Benjamin Dyett

Co-Founder, Grind

Benjamin was a mild-mannered lawyer who woke up one day and, together with some partners, decided, Hey, let’s change the future of work. So, along with his friends, Stuart and Karina, and Co:, Cool Hunting, Behance, Magic + Might and Breakfast, he created Grind, a platform for working in a whole new way, outside the system. Built for free-range humans who carry their offices in their backpacks, Grind is the antidote to everything you knew about work. It’s dedicated to taking all of the frustrations of the old work experience and pulverizing them to a dust so fine it actually oils the wheels of the machine (sorry, old work experience, but you had it coming). Grind #1 is located at 29th and Park Avenue South in Manhattan. It has 100+ workspaces—from desks you can crank at to couches you can lounge on to conference rooms you can kibitz in—and a lot of really big windows (light is good). Other Grind locations are in the works for New York (West side), Los Angeles, Chicago, Amsterdam and London. Throughout his career, Benjamin has founded, funded, operated and advised successful start-ups. He has long experience in real estate and corporate law, has represented financial institutions and prominent businesspeople, owned his own consulting firm, and has always been at the epicenter of where business and imagination meet.

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Christina Hamlin

Creative Dir, Project Ham

Christina Hamlin is an independent user experience design and technology consultant with over a decade in the creative field. As a former Creative Director for TopCoder, she has well over five years experience in the utilization of hyperspecialization through crowd-sourcing. Her primary focus as of late has been tablet and mobile app development. Her clients include a FORTUNE® Global 500 consulting firm where she has introduced the hyperspecialization concept, with great results. She spoke this year at the TopCoder Innovation Summit. Christina earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Hartford Art School in 1999 with a focus on graphic design, photography and art history.

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Dan Finnigan

CEO, Jobvite

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Doug Marinaro

President & COO, LiquidSpace Inc

Doug is a seasoned technologist and software engineer with over two decades of experience in software and business development for B2B mobile applications. Prior to helping found LiquidSpace, Doug worked at Kardia Health Systems, developing systems for cardiology to support the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease. Before that, he worked at Gearworks, establishing the company as a top mobile platform provider and expanding the company’s growth in the GPS business software market. Doug received his B.S. and M.S. in Engineering from the U.C. Berkeley, and now resides in Palo Alto, CA. Follow him on Twitter at @LiquidDoug.

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Drew Stephan

Web Developer, C4 Tech & Design

Drew has been a part of C4 Tech & Design since 2008, working as a web developer and project manager for a diverse client base that includes dozens of local businesses and non-profits, as well as regional and national organizations. A native of Massachusetts and a graduate of La Salle University in Philadelphia, he brings several years of web development and internet organizing experience to the web team, as well as a background in writing and editing for print publications around the country. Before joining C4, he was the lead web developer for the Public Interest Network, a national network of over 100 non-profit environmental and consumer advocacy organizations. When not behind the computer, he enjoys playing drums with his band and taking time to appreciate everything about the city, including the year-round biking weather and New Orleanians' seemingly inexhaustible joie de vivre.

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Georgia Collins

Managing Dir, North America, Degw

Georgia Collins leads DEGW North America, an AECOM company. DEGW is a strategic consultancy focused on the changing nature of work and learning. Georgia is particularly interested in how new work practices are upending our traditional notions of how and where work gets done. Her own work centers on helping organizations think differently about how to best support their people in order to improve organizational performance.

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Jack Aponte

Worker-Owner, Palante Technology

Jack Aponte is a worker-owner at Palante Technology Cooperative, a NYC-based coop that helps community organizations move forward with the aid of technology. Jack specializes in building Drupal sites, technology planning, and training and documentation. Jack is an erstwhile blogger at AngryBrownButch and Feministe and is involved in organizing & movements around social, economic, and media justice and in queer, trans, and people of color communities.

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Josh Rubin

Founder and Editor in Chief, Cool Hunting

Josh Rubin believes that there are no new ideas, just great executions. As an interaction designer he's always looking for both creative inspiration and an understanding of the way people do things. In 2003 he decided to start a catalog of what he found and haphazardly named it Cool Hunting. Today Cool Hunting is synonymous with seeking inspiration and has a global team of editors and contributors sifting through innovations in design, technology, art and culture to create the award-winning publication that consists of daily updates and weekly mini-documentaries for an international audience of like-minded creative people. Josh is also responsible for the design of coolhunting.com and the iPad app, as well as the distribution via sites like Vimeo, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. Outside of being an editor, Josh also consults on strategy, content and design for select clients including Apple, Adobe, Vodafone, Nike, Microsoft and MTV. Josh helped to found the digital consultancy Bond Art + Science, was a Lead User Interface Designer at Motorola, a Design Director at Razorfish, in charge of product development at Upoc Networks and an intern at IDEO. He has a BA in Communications and Cognitive Science from Hampshire College and a Master's in Interactive Telecommunications from NYU.

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JP Rangaswami

Chief Scientist, Salesforce.com

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Kate North

VP, Global Dev, e-Work.com

Kate North is the VP of Global Development for e-Work.com, (www.e-work.com) an industry leader in web-based training designed to prepare the workforce for a “new way of working”. With over 25 years of global experience in workplace strategy, research, design and transformational change, Kate offers her clients a holistic perspective, focusing on the impacts of the Work Place, Work Practice and Work Process. Previously, Kate was Vice President of the Strategic Business Group at Herman Miller Inc. and also served as the Global Director of Ideation, a workplace research consultancy at Haworth. She is an active voice within the industry and holds advisory and leadership positions within the CoreNet Workplace Community of Practice, the Future of Work and New Ways of Working.

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Keith Perske

Principal, eBusiness Strategies

Keith Perske has spent a career at the intersection where technology and the work environment collide. Keith works at EBusiness Strategies, a virtual (but very real) company that helps organizations align technology, work practices and workplaces to enable employees to make choices about how they can best be productive. Keith ran Group 5 Consulting; a group that helped companies make their workforces mobile. He worked in the real estate group at Sun Microsystems when they built the world’s largest worker mobility program on the planet. He’s also been a VP at HOK architects and at a big bank. Keith is a sought after speaker, writer, consultant and educator on the changing nature of work and what to do about it. He lives and works just outside of Austin with his wife, their twins and a koi named Hoover.

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Kevin Purdy

Freelance Writer, Fast Company

Kevin Purdy is a freelance writer, a former contributing editor at Lifehacker, and the author of The Complete Android Guide and Google+: The Missing Manual. He organized the first TEDxBuffalo, hosts a weekly podcast, In Pod Form, and contributes to Fast Company, ITWorld, and TechRepublic, among other publications. He lives in Buffalo, NY.

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Mark Gilbreath

Founder and CEO, LiquidSpace

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Matthew Schiffman

Pres/Owner, Darrow Digital Media Inc

Matthew Schiffman: UX Advocate / IA Artisan / UI Designer / Developer / Technologist / Theatre Major A graduate of the University of Miami's BFA Theater Program, Matt began his career as a sound engineer/designer for acts including Jimmy Buffet and John Leguizamo. He built sound systems for the Broadway musical "Side Show" and the national tour of "Rent" and currently helps produce theatre for the Alex Lyras & Robert McCaskill writing team and Long Island based Silverhair Productions whenever he is called upon. In his other life Matt specializes in user interface design and front-end development. He operates his consulting business Darrow Digital Media out of the Brooklyn Creative League shared office space in Brooklyn, New York. He labels himself a maker of digital things and executes more than he ideates… most of the time. His current and past brand experience includes; Estée Lauder, Clinique, Aveda, Origins, Darphin, NBC Universal, Six Flags, and Pfizer.

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Megan Murray

Dir of Collaboration Strategy, Moxie Software

Megan Murray is a pioneering Enterprise 2.0 practitioner. She arrived at Moxie Software after more than a decade with Booz Allen Hamilton where she focused on emerging technologies, collaborative strategies and Enterprise 2.0. Megan served as Community Manager and Project Coordinator for Booz Allen’s award winning Hello.bah.com. She brings extensive experience in collaboration strategy, community management, and enterprise social governance. She is a board member at The Community BackChannel, a member of The Community Roundtable, as well as a former charter member of the Social Business Council (formerly the 2.0 Adoption Council). Megan frequently speaks, delivering talks, workshops and webinars focused on Community Management, Governance, adoption methodologies and the importance of an authentic enterprise.

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Molly Kittle

VP Digital Strategy, Bunchball

Molly Kittle joined Bunchball at the beginning of 2008 and has a proven track record of helping to create successful gamification programs, powered by Bunchball's industry leading products and solutions, for companies including NBC, Warner Bros., MySpace, Hasbro, UBM, Comcast, and ABC. In her role as VP Digital Strategy, she continues to provide consultation for how gamification can best be used within the context of client's holistic engagement strategy. From workshops to ongoing client feedback, Molly is personally invested in client success. Molly has a BFA in Experimental Theatre from NYU, and isn't afraid to use it.

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Poonam Whabi

Graphic Designer, Design Action Collective

Designer and web Developer, Design Action Collective — Poonam came to the U.S. in 1999 from her home in the United Arab Emirates. With a long-time commitment in social justice work, she has has contributed her skills to numerous progressive non-profit organizations and community projects. She has been at Design Action Collective since 2004 and among other things, she is currently an active participant in the worker cooperative movement in the Bay Area.

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Raeanne Young

Worker Owner, Quilted

Raeanne Young is a worker-owner at Quilted, a worker-owned, cooperatively-managed web company. Quilted provides strategic consulting, graphic design, web development, as well as game design and development services to progressive arts, education, and non-profit organizations. Prior to Quilted, Raeanne worked in technology policy promoting digital rights at the Center for Democracy and Technology. She spends much of her time thinking about how to create better value-driven development processes, collaborative design projects, and business practices that support workers as whole people.

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Richard Schatzberger

CTEO, co:collective

Richard Schatzberger has spent his career at the intersection of innovation, technology and design, creating experiences aimed at enhancing people's lives. At Co, he beings this background to leading the development of technology experiences for clients.
Prior to Co, Richard was the Director of Creative Technology at BBH New York. There he focused on the discovery, invention and fusion of technology into the creative process across all accounts in the agency. He helped brands such as Google, Cadillac, Sprite, and AXE understand new opportunities for their business and the people that their products and services touch, along with creating tangible work breaking the confines of a single screen. This included one of the first iPad applications, for Cool Hunting and Cadillac, which set the stage for how people will interact with content and brands.
Prior to BBH Richard was the Principal Experience Strategist at Motorola where he conceived of, designed, and developed the MOTOFONE. The MOTOFONE was the lowest cost/highest design mobile handset in the world, focused on bringing communication to underserved rural markets in India. Its creation has earned Richard innovation awards from CES (Consumer Electronics Show), Cnet and the Communication Arts Interactive Annual.
In addition, Richard created a wide range of innovative solutions – from new content delivery platforms to mobile operating systems, leading the experience design for Motorola/Kodak devices and new luxury devices.
Richard has also worked at digital agencies such as Deepend, Sapient, and POKE.

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Robert Hughes

Pres & COO, TopCoder Inc

In June 2001, Robert Hughes was named President and Chief Operating Officer of TopCoder, Inc. of Glastonbury, Connecticut. He is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the company. Prior to his role at TopCoder, Hughes served as the Chief Operating Officer of Tallán Inc. since 1997. Tallán is an Internet professional services firm that creates fully-integrated, technologically advanced solutions for their clients. During his tenure with Tallán, the company was recognized as one of the fastest-growing technology companies in North America four years in a row by consultancy firm Deloitte & Touche and by Inc. magazine for its outstanding performance. In 2000, CMGI, Inc. acquired a majority ownership of the company.

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Scott Belsky

CEO, Behance

Scott Belsky has committed his professional life to help organize creative individuals, teams, and networks. Scott is the co-founder and CEO of Behance, a company on a mission to organize and empower the creative world. Behance is the leading online platform to showcase and discover creative work, and serves as the backbone for AdWeek, LinkedIn, and thousands of other portfolio sites and online galleries of creative talent. Millions of people use Behance to display and find talent every month. Behance also runs The 99% think tank and conference, an annual gathering of creative leaders focused on the execution of ideas. He is a frequent contributor on MSNBC and has worked with leading companies and organizations including General Electric, Hewlett-Packard, and Proctor & Gamble as well as the United States State Department and the CIA. In 2010, Scott was also included in Fast Company's list of "100 Most Creative People in Business." Scott is the author of the international bestselling book Making Ideas Happen (Portfolio, Penguin Books). He also serves and an advisor and investor in several early-stage companies including Pinterest, Contently, FLUD, and Paddle8. He attended Cornell University as an undergraduate and received his MBA from Harvard Business School.