[Cancelled] Battle for the User Soul: Gamification's Dark Side

A session at SXSW Interactive 2012

Friday 9th March, 2012

2:00pm to 3:00pm (CST)

Gamification kills intrinsic motivation. Most well-designed games, though, are based ENTIRELY upon intrinsic motivation. Today's version of gamification has far more in common with casino "games" than video games, and it's a trend from which not all will recover. But we're better than this. Exploiting users through operant conditioning (think Skinner rats) should be an option ONLY for helping users do what they already really want to do but find painful or tedious like chores or exercise. But if used to "increase engagement" or "build community" around a brand or cause, it can be a disaster after the short-term activity spike. Gamification missed the point of games. Rather than use the *mechanics* of games, we need the *heart* of games. Rather than try to copy game-like attributes, we need to look deeper and further -- to what good games themselves are based upon, and it is not the behavioral science of gamification. It is something else entirely, and virtually all professional game designers and game scholars agree. Come learn sustainable, powerful, far more effective alternatives to gamification and how to create true, meaningful engagement *without* bribing our users.

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3:30pm Teaching Touch: Tapworthy Touchscreen Design by Josh Clark


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70 attendees

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  • erwin blom
  • escuincle
  • Geoffrey Brown
  • Josh Clark
  • Gordon Ross
  • Gui Ambros
  • Gustavo Diamantino
  • Hans Watson
  • 熊坂仁美
  • Jason Reynolds
  • Jim Cook
  • Jeff Beckham
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  • jkwiens
  • johanna kollmann
  • John Schultz
  • Jacqueline Steck
  • Charles Klein
  • Kristen H. Rachels
  • Kyle Wegner
  • Marc Lachs
  • Seth Miller
  • Jon Lawrence
  • Steve Myers
  • Nicole Simon
  • Noel Coleman
  • Tim Holden
  • Paul Scott
  • Peter Rosdahl
  • Misha S.
  • Jonathan Bailey
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  • Jeff Putthoff, SJ
  • Ryan Freebern
  • Rui Piranda
  • Rupak Ganguly
  • Raj Samuel
  • Sandy Chang
  • Philippos Savvides
  • Shoni Gustafson
  • Shrupti Shah
  • Nick Cooper
  • Mike Nutt
  • Suchit Dash
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Time 2:00pm3:00pm CST

Date Fri 9th March 2012


Ballroom A, Austin Convention Center

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