How to Personalize Without Being Creepy II

A session at SXSW Interactive 2012

Sunday 11th March, 2012

5:00pm to 6:00pm (CST)

For content developers struggling to generate engagement, personalization is a type of salvation. Centenarian news organizations are looking to revive their relevance in an era of unlimited free content. For them, mass-personalizing for each audience of one is an extremely compelling means to regain influence and earn back reader loyalty. At the same time, advertisers are under more and more pressure to optimize ad performance and deliver results.

Continuing the debate that has persisted since last year's panel, we take an even deeper and more introspective look at the challenges, ethical dilemmas and complicated trade-offs of personalization.

2012 brings even more users to social media in an increasingly mobile web - prime territory for advanced content personalization. Social media users are gaining sophistication and seeking answers about their data, its permanence and portability.

In 2012, personalization practices promise to be as obfuscated and unconventional as ever before. Legislators around the world offer empty promises of consumer protection without having any real basis for guaranteeing it. What is right -- and wrong -- in this wild, wild West?

About the speakers

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Mark Peters

Head of Tech, News International

Looking after advertising technology strategy and ecosystem for News International UK, London - publisher of The Sun, The Times, and The Sunday Times. Ex-Microsoftie, co-founder of video stream personalization engine StreamVine which allows to dynamically assemble unique video streams for individual users based on any information known about them - through browser headers, CRM data, Facebook user models, etc. Passionate about content and advertising personalization to eliminate irrelevance - yet scared of the stuff that's possible!

This person is speaking at this event.
Mat Harris

Prod Mgr, Sprout

Mat Harris is the product manager for Sprout - the leading platform for creating mobile HTML5 rich media advertising. Sprout is headquartered in San Francisco, CA and was recently acquired by InMobi - the world's largest independent mobile ad network. Before coming to Sprout, Mat was co-founder of Austin-based StreamVine, a distribution platform for mass-personalizing video streams in real time based upon viewer data. Mat is an entrepreneur who has specialized in product strategies and bringing innovative data-driven ad technologies to market. When given the opportunity, he loves to speak about entrepreneurship, emerging technologies, personalization and the future of marketing. Mat is an 8th-generation Texan who loves Shiner Bock, Tex-Mex and real Texas BBQ...loves them like a fat kid loves cake. Mat lived in Austin for the last 15 years, but now lives in San Francisco with his wife of 15 years and their three children.


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Time 5:00pm6:00pm CST

Date Sun 11th March 2012


Capitol View North, Sheraton Austin Hotel at the Capitol

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