Killer App Design with Javascript and HTML 5

A session at SXSW Interactive 2012

Sunday 11th March, 2012

9:30am to 10:30am (CST)

HTML5 paves the way for a browser-based universe, and javascript is its shining star. Go beyond rounded corners and <section> tags and bask in the glory of dynamic stylesheets, CSS3 and responsive UI! Wield the awesome power of web storage, web sockets and device access! Conquer your single page app with event-oriented programming and client-side MVC! Even if you're not launching spaceships from the Chrome Web Store, you'll work faster and code better with emerging technologies and tool sets designed to manage complex, browser-based apps, viewed on any device. Websites are for wusses. Web apps = world domination.

About the speaker

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Jonathon Morgan

Owner, StudentPositive

Jonathon is a UX Unicorn. He's comfortable in every aspect of web production, from content strategy to experience design to engineering. Currently the owner of Good at the Internet, Jonathon has spent the past two years designing and architecting web and mobile applications with emerging browser technologies. Prior to that he was a front-end engineer and product manager at AOL. Jonathon has recently launched StudentPositive, an education technology startup.

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65 attendees

  • Andrew Lohman
  • andifovendra
  • Andy Pressman
  • Claire Armstrong
  • Beau
  • Benjamin Truyman
  • Roshan Bhakta
  • Nathan Crenshaw
  • Bjossi
  • bobcatred
  • Keith Chu
  • Charley Walton
  • Chris George
  • Clint Andrew Hall
  • Cody Stoltman
  • Cory Shaw
  • Rob Woodall
  • Chris Wilson
  • Daniel Antell
  • Dan Poynor
  • Don Turnbull
  • Ed Lea
  • EJ Lawless
  • Eric Bowers
  • Alden Hopkins
  • gregone
  • Roger Raymond
  • Jay Morrow
  • Jeff Ward
  • Jerrod Enders
  • Jason Paul
  • Joel Parr
  • Joe McCann
  • John Schultz
  • Jonathon Morgan
  • Katherine White
  • Kevin S Prince
  • mike kuzin
  • Maria Genitempo
  • Marty DeAngelo
  • matlyles
  • Melvyn Hills
  • Mike Taylor
  • Maurice Williams
  • Mark
  • Nicholas Oliver
  • nloureiro
  • Paul Irish
  • Jeph
  • Ray Pierce
  • Ray Ortega
  • Rigo [Rodrigo Neri]
  • Rob Tarr
  • roycifer
  • Scott McCaughey
  • scottackerson
  • Alex Sexton
  • Zaharenia A.
  • toft
  • TyKisha
  • Vincent Battaglia
  • Mary Beth Faccioli
  • wescott
  • Dustin Anderson
  • Z. Bryant

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  • Alan Botvinick
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  • danethurber
  • David Kjelkerud
  • Paul Duncan
  • Darren Gibbons
  • Estelle Weyl
  • Sylvain Carle
  • Dirk Ginader
  • Glyn Povah
  • Grant K Norwood
  • Joshua Bryant
  • Jen Simmons
  • Justin Shreve
  • klas_e
  • Laura Forrest
  • Jon Long
  • Magnolia Box
  • Nikolai Nolan
  • Nimit Maru
  • Oliver Lindberg
  • Ryan Berg
  • Sam Bao
  • Sandra Marshall
  • Stephanie
  • Shay Howe
  • Alex Watson
  • Yesenia Sotelo
  • Alex Cruikshank
  • Steven Rogers
  • Terry
  • Ben Combee

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Time 9:30am10:30am CST

Date Sun 11th March 2012


Town Lake Ballroom, Radisson Hotel & Suites Austin-Town Lake

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