Get the Look: Use @Font-Face + CSS3 Like the Stars

A session at SXSW Interactive 2012

Saturday 10th March, 2012

5:00pm to 6:00pm (CST)

A rounded sans-serif with a letterpress look? A chunky slab serif in three-dimensional perspective? Grungy, patterned, or even blurred text? These effects (and more) used to be the domain of print designers or gigantic, inflexible PNG images. But no more! Using CSS3 and @font-face, I’ll show you how to get these looks with live demonstrations and discussion.With growing support for @font-face and CSS3 in all of the mainstream browsers, advanced typographic and visual effects are now possible on the web. Even better, the text remains SEO friendly and easily editable and translatable as well.In this session, we’ll take a look at some well-known (and little-known) examples of great typographic and visual style from print and online. We’ll delve into the typographic origins of these looks to help us understand why they work, and we’ll explore exactly how you can use web standards to get the same look on your site.

About the speaker

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Sean McBride

Web Dev, Adobe Typekit

Sean is an engineer and web developer at Typekit. He works on building the site at typekit.com where people come to explore and choose their fonts, as well as the Javascript that delivers those fonts to customer sites all over the web. Sean lives in San Francisco.


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Time 5:00pm6:00pm CST

Date Sat 10th March 2012


Ballroom A, Austin Convention Center

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