Browser Wars V: The Angry Birds Era

A session at SXSW Interactive 2012

Saturday 10th March, 2012

5:00pm to 6:00pm (CST)

The browser wars panel has been an SxSW institution, and gives us a forum to bring browser vendors to to the table to take stock of new developments on the web. As in years past, we'll bring Mozilla (Firefox), Google (Chrome), Microsoft (IE), Opera (Opera), and maybe Apple (Safari) to the table to speak of developments on the web, and to share their unique perspectives as those who make the platforms on which the web is viewed.

Our tag line this year places tongue firmly in cheek. Interesting chatter continues about applications on the web. What's the story with browser-based app stores? While we're at it, microdata has been embraced by Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo, but the web seems underwhelmed by schema.org. And why hasn't HTML5 video changed our lives already, and why aren't there any real peer-to-peer apps on the web yet? And, is WebGL ready or just sodden in hype? We'll get candid on this panel, and take stock of the era of modern browsers, mobile apps, and Angry Birds.

About the speakers

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John Hrvatin

Sr Program Mgr Lead, Microsoft

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Brendan Eich

CTO, Mozilla

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Chris Wilson

Developer Advocate, Google Inc

Chris Wilson is an Open Web Platform Developer Advocate working on Chrome at Google. He began working on web browsers in 1993 when he co-authored the original Windows version of NCSA Mosaic, went on to Microsoft to work on Internet Explorer for fifteen years, and joined Google in 2010. He has a particular interest in enabling awesome user experiences on the web platform, and is a long-time participant in various web standards working groups.

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Arun Ranganathan

Maven, arunranga.com

Arun's worked on the Netscape browser and on Firefox, spending about 10 years of his adult life working on the Mozilla open source project. He also worked as an architect at AOL, and currently writes and acts in New York city, as well as co-founded South Asian language startup samosapedia.com

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Charles Mccathie Nevile

Standards Lead, Opera Software ASA


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Time 5:00pm6:00pm CST

Date Sat 10th March 2012


Salon K, Hilton Austin Downtown

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