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Evaluating Evidence: Garbage In, Garbage Out

9 12 August 2012

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5 speakers

  • Harriet Hall
  • James Alcock Professor of psychology at York University
  • Loren Pankratz Forensic psychologist, Oregon Health Sciences, University of Oregon, CSI Fellow

1 session

Day 1 from 2pm to 10pm Thursday 9th August 2012

Day 2 from 9am to 10pm Friday 10th August 2012

Day 3 from 9am to 10pm Saturday 11th August 2012

Day 4 from 9:30am to 11:30am Sunday 12th August 2012

4 known attendees

  • Susan Gerbic
  • Center for Inquiry
  • Lindsay Beyerstein
  • James Alcock

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  • William Donohue
  • Press Pass
  • Tim Farley

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