Tarantool/Box: a use case with serving 2 billion queries a day

A session at Topconf Tallinn 2012

Thursday 1st November, 2012

3:00pm to 3:45pm (TMT)

Tarantool is a transactional in-memory database, and cost of handling a single request is under a few thousands of instructions. Associated cost of system calls and I/O is amortized among many requests. In many deployments, you may never need to shard: in-memory storage format is compact, and a typical MySQL/InnoDB data file, loaded into Tarantool, takes a quarter of its original size, primary and secondary keys included. Lua stored procedures allow to code arbitrarily complex access patterns on top of a few basic SQL operators: INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE and SELECT. On a typical commodity single-unit server, Tarantool performs hundreds of thousands of requests per second.
At Mail.Ru Tarantool is used for applications, requiring an efficient database capable of supporting non-trivial business rules: a session storage with customized expiry and sign-out, storage for user profiles with constraint support, and such.
Tarantool is a reliable database server, maintaining a write ahead log for all writes. High availability is supported via asynchronous replication and automated fail-over. Synchronous master-master replication is in the works.

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Konstantin Osipov

I develop open source software bio from Twitter

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Time 3:00pm3:45pm TMT

Date Thu 1st November 2012

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